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What to know about agency housing for travel nurses

Whether you’re embarking on your first travel nursing job or have 10 years of experience under your belt, letting the agency book your housing can relieve stress and ensure that you live in a safe place when you’re away from home. Melinda Askervold, senior housing coordinator at RNnetwork, explains what you should know about agency housing for travel nurses.

Customized agency housing for travel nurses

“We call our travel nurses a few weeks before they start to find out what they need for their stay,” Melinda says. “If our nurses are comfortable in their housing, they’re going to be better nurses. We send emails with photos and links to apartments and work closely with them to find out what suits their needs.”

Tell your housing coordinator if:

  • you’re traveling with a spouse or partner, parents, friend, or children
  • you’re bringing pets along
  • you prefer to live on the bottom or top floor
  • you have special needs

“We do everything to find a good match for our travelers so they’ll be comfortable during their stay,” Melinda says.

RNnetwork - agency housing for travel nurses - image of travel nurse with spouse and pet in their new apartment on assignment

Finding accommodations in different areas

Though you may dream of a modern apartment with brand-new appliances or a tiny cottage near a beach or a forest, that may not be a reality in the city you’re working in.

“Different areas have different accommodations. In some areas, our travelers might stay in a big apartment complex with a pool and fitness center. However, someone who works in a rural area might live in a cabin or private rental,” Melinda shares. “We want to provide options, but our priority is helping travelers get comfortable quickly so they can start their assignments.”

Providing around-the-clock service

There’s no need to scramble to find the landlord’s number in the middle of the night. When something goes wrong, RNnetwork’s housing team is always there.

“If you ever have trouble with your housing, call RNnetwork’s main line (800.866.0407) and press the number for the housing team,” Melinda says. “One of our coordinators will get in touch with you 24/7.”

Connecting you with a team of housing professionals

Melinda says she’s proud that RNnetwork offers paid housing for travelers and that the coordinators speak directly with the nurses.

“We work hand-in-hand with travel nurses to find them a clean, safe place to live,” Melinda expresses. “We take very good care of our nurses and help them transition from one assignment to another. It takes a village to put a nurse on assignment — and we love being a part of that and knowing we make a difference.”

Learn more about RNnetwork’s housing benefits, including what furnished apartments include, and check out Why It Pays to Stay in Travel Nurse Agency Housing for more information.

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