You pick, we pay.

You have two options when it comes to housing: Do it yourself, and we'll send you a check, or have our friendly housing experts book it for you at no additional cost.

Our housing concierge

From lending guidance, to covering all the booking details, our experts are here to make things easy. They know the ins and outs of your geographic area, too, and can help find exactly what you're looking for. Beachfront? Midtown? Safety first? Whatever your priorities, they'll get you what you need and the bells and whistles too.

Pet and family friendly

Our specialists have many connections with pet- and family-friendly housing and communities. Of course, all neighborhoods come with a complete background check on adult tenants to keep your kids safe.

What to bring

We’ve put together a quick checklist of what to expect and some items you may want to bring.

Check the list
Move-in dates

Once your paperwork is in, you’ll get the address of your housing and will have a 48-hour cushion to move in before your assignment begins.

Assignment extensions

Let your housing coordinator know as soon as possible if your assignment will be extended. Housing properties require a 30- and sometimes 60-day notice to vacate. During this time, the property owner may rent the unit to someone else. If your assignment is extended, we will do our best to renew your lease so you don't have to move.