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Warm Weather Destinations for Travel Nurses

Warm weather travel nursing destinationsDoes the cold winter weather in your neck of the woods get you down this time of year? Why not take a travel nursing assignment somewhere warm instead? With balmy weather and plenty of outdoor and indoor attractions, these destinations will have you singing winter’s praises. Check out our picks below.

Florida. Palm trees, sunny beaches, the Everglades and the Florida Keys make this state the perfect place to work during the winter months. Every region offers something different to explore — even a national forest with black bears, if you grow tired of the tropics. And the state’s many theme parks — most in the Orlando area — make Florida a great place for your family to explore as well. See even more reasons to book an assignment here in our central Florida destination highlight.

California. The third-largest state in the country, California offers warm-weather seekers a myriad of opportunities, including the majesty of Big Sur country, charm of the Bay Area, glamour of Hollywood and stark beauty of the Mojave Desert. With miles of coastline to explore and mountains, forests and vineyards to tempt you, the Golden State could be a wonderful area to escape the cold this winter. See why you should check out northern, central and southern California in our destination highlights.

Texas. The Lone Star state offers warm weather year-round, as well as a thriving music scene, five-star restaurants, renowned museums and, of course, the Space Center. It also provides the wide open spaces the Dixie Chicks sang about and a chance to hunt, fish and hike when other parts of the country are blanketed in snow. Check out our Houston and San Antonio spotlights for other reasons to work in Texas this winter.

November through February doesn’t have to mean freezing temperatures and shoveling mountains of snow. Call an RNnetwork recruiter today to find an assignment in Florida, California and Texas and enjoy the winter again.

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