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7 warm locations where you could be on assignment right now

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Whoever said they’re dreaming of a white Christmas didn’t have to spend months shoveling sidewalks, scraping windshields, and slipping on ice. We love the holidays, but in those cold winter months it’s easy find yourself dreaming of sandy beaches with the sun on your shoulders. Of course, as a travel nurse, you have the freedom — with the right assignment — to lounge by the beach or enjoy fun under the sun during your time off, even in January. Here are seven warm locations for travel nursing where you could be working right now!

1. California

Boats in harbor with pink sunset

Southern California has the best of all worlds — lovely beaches, amazing food, and a great diversity of patients. San Diego is especially great in the winter. Grey whales start migrating through San Diego in December, and they often get so close to San Diego you can see them from the shore. Plus, San Diego has fresh fish year-round, including some of the best fish tacos around. In short, you’ll forget that it’s winter if you’re travel nursing in San Diego.

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2. Florida

Pelicans standing on dock in green ocean

Florida has one of the highest demands for travel nurses in the nation. That means great assignments and often fantastic pay. Plus, it’s summer just about year-round in Florida. Miami is an especially fun spot. It has amazing museums and shopping, and culturally interesting spots like Little Havana. That said, if you’re looking for something slower-paced, the serene Everglades National Park is just an hour and a half away from Miami.

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3. Arizona

Saguaro cacti in desert with sunset

If you’re looking for warm locations for travel nursing that give you more experience with rural patients, Arizona is a great option. Phoenix is a town that shows the best of the West. It has the Desert Botanical Garden, which shows all the beauty of the desert. And, on the first Friday of each month, the town transforms into a city-wide gallery stroll, with a free shuttle that takes you from gallery to gallery, along with live performances, food trucks, and more. 

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4. Texas

Cityscape of Austin Texas

Anything in southern Texas is going to be nice and warm, even in the middle of December. Austin is a great spot to visit for a weekend when you’re travel nursing in Texas. Check out a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, where they’ll bring great food and drinks right to your seat. It’s also a famous place for breweries — there are more than 50, and more on the way — but to get started, try some of the locals’ favorites. Then, to burn off all those calories, take a stroll in the Barton Creek Wilderness Park, which is just half an hour from downtown Austin.

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5. Hawaii

Landscape photo of Honolulu and bay at night

When it comes to warm locations for travel nursing, Hawaii is a no-brainer. Although the whole state stays warm, it still celebrates the holidays — Honolulu City Lights includes a giant Christmas tree and a block of light displays that stay up until January 1st. Also, because the waves get bigger in the winter, December is a great time to surf. If you’re not a surfer, there are surfing competitions that are still lots of fun to watch. You can also enjoy the warmth at sea level, but for the adventurous, many of Hawaii’s mountains are still accessible in the winter, and the higher you get, the more snow there will be.

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6. Louisiana

Brightly lit street in New Orleans at night

If you’re a fan of history, food, or just a good time, New Orleans is one of the best warm places for travel nursing. The French Quarter celebrated its 300th anniversary last year, but you’re guaranteed to find a mix of old and new amenities, such as amazing restaurants, niche boutiques, and historic hotels. The French Quarter also has Jackson Square, which, historically, was the town square. Now, it’s a great place to stroll through gardens and check out local artisans and street performers. 

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7. Georgia 

Steamboat docked along river shore at night

For a truly Southern experience, Savannah, Georgia, is a beautiful city to visit year-round. To get a feel for Savannah, first check out the City Market. Before the Civil War, it was where Savannah’s residents went to get their groceries and services. After the war, it fell into disrepair, but in the 1980s, the city revitalized it. Now, it has an amazing variety of restaurants, boutiques, and artists’ workshops. In addition, Savannah has lots of historical forts, peaceful gardens, and beautiful churches.

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If you’re ready to visit one of these warm locations for traveling nursing, we can help! Give us a call at 800.866.0407 or view today’s travel nurse job opportunities.

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Kathleen Stone is a writer for RNnetwork from Salt Lake City, Utah. In her spare time, she loves going to the desert, trying new foods and being with family.


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