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Travel nursing in Vermont: 5 reasons to visit the Green Mountain State

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Want to travel, earn good money, and put your nursing skills to work? Then consider a travel nurse assignment. And as far as where to go? Check out Vermont, which gets high rankings for healthcare and healthcare facilities, cost of living, quality of life, attractions, and more.

Read on for the top five reasons to take a travel nurse job in the Green Mountain state of Vermont, a new member of the Nurse Licensure Compact.

1. Vermont’s part of the NLC membership

As of February 2022, Vermont is the newest member of the 39-state Nurse Licensure Compact. The state’s membership makes licensing more seamless in Vermont by using your credentials to fast-track working through the NLC. Find out more about the process.

2. They need you for their travel nursing jobs in Vermont

Vermont, like other places, needs nurses. And because the nurse shortage was being deemed a “crisis” by state lawmakers, it spurred the state to join the NLC.

Going the travel nurse route means you’ll be well compensated with better rates than those for full-time nurses on a permanent contract.

As far as facilities and overall health of the population, Vermont gets high ratings. Overall, it’s No. 18 in the U.S. for healthcare as ranked by U.S. News.  

And, anytime you work in other places, you’ll learn new things. “Up in Vermont, you might learn something about a wild bush that’s out there that’s worse than poison ivy that will burn your skin as opposed to the snakes down in North Carolina, things like that,” says Angela Obester, an emergency room nurse. As a nurse for 29 years and a travel nurse for five years, Angela has enjoyed her time working and traveling in Vermont.

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3. Vermont is a good place to live

U.S. News ranks Vermont the 11th best state to live in the U.S., based on more than 70 factors, including education, crime, economy, health, healthcare, and more. And according to Best Places, Vermont also has a lower cost of living than the U.S. average.

In short, the Green Mountain state makes a name for itself as a place people want to be. As the Vermont travel site says, “About 630,000 people call Vermont home and enjoy more than 1,000 hiking trails, more than 50 state parks, 19 downhill ski areas, and more than 100 historic covered bridges.”

4. It offers more than delicious maple syrup

While in Vermont, taste and enjoy real maple syrup and buy some to take with you when you leave — you won’t regret it! But in addition, the fall leaves are so famous you can track them. There’s nature to explore, fishing with numerous options, skiing, rock climbing, water sports, hunting, biking, golfing, and plenty more to do outside and inside alike.

Then there’s the food. Ready to savor unique Vermont cuisine? Check out Vermont corn chowder, chicken pot pie, fiddleheads soup, and Gilfeather turnip. While there, sign up for a Ben & Jerry’s tour because the tasting tour wouldn’t be complete without ice cream.

And through nursing, meet adventurous friends. Oberster says her travel nursing job in Vermont was the most fun of all the states because of the friendships she made.

“I made a lot of close-knit ties with the girls, and they have the mountains,” she says. “I did a lot of hiking. I was on the border of Canada, so I went to Canada, I went to Maine, and I went to Boston. It was so homie, it was nice.”

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5. Travel nursing in Vermont: a lifestyle move to travel more and set your schedule

Oberster uses travel nursing to go a different direction with her work time and downtime. It has been the perfect way to travel more, she says. “I love to travel,” she says. “I love the culture from state to state. Everything has been so different everywhere I’ve gone. You learn a little piece of nursing everywhere that you go.”

Get started today 

If you take some travel nurse assignments, be sure to check out Vermont. The Green Mountain state makes for an attractive destination for travel nurses who love adventure and the outdoors.

For more information about travel nursing in Vermont, give us a call at 800.866.0407 or view today’s job openings.


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