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Travel nursing in Central Florida: 5 reasons to visit the Sunshine State

Florida beach

Want to hit the beaches after work? Enjoy the sunshine and surf? You can spend time in one of the most popular vacation destinations with travel nursing assignments in Central Florida.

LaDonna Shore, a PCU/telemetry nurse, enjoys travel nursing assignments in Florida because she loves the sun and surf. 

“After I’ve had a hard day at work, my first day off or even my second day off, I’m hitting the beach. I love the ocean; the sound of the ocean just carries away all my worries,” Shore says. “No matter how tough the assignment is, being at the beach just makes me feel better.”

Sound nice? Here are five more reasons to take a travel nursing job in Central Florida.

1. It’s a member of the nurse licensure compact

Florida’s membership in the Nurse Licensure Compact makes it easy to get licensed in the sunshine state. Nurses who qualify can get expedited licensing through the NLC. It’s a great way to save time and money when you’re looking to work in Florida.

2. Legendary weather and scenery

When you ask people what they think when they hear “Florida,” the answer is often about the perfect weather and scenery. The sights and sounds in Central Florida — which includes Tampa and the Orlando area — are incredible. Beaches, parks, and lakes make the place beautiful year-round. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore when not working.

The beautiful weather is a big reason that LaDonna has taken travel nurse assignments all over Central and South Florida and plans to take many more assignments in the area. “That’s why everybody comes to Florida — the weather, right?” she asks.

Tampa Florida a destination for travel nursing in central Florida

3. Central Florida needs nurses

Want to make a difference and put your skills to use? Central Florida needs nurses more than ever. While it’s true that most of the U.S. faces a nursing shortage, Central Florida is home to many retirement communities and a large senior population. This has created an incredibly challenging situation for healthcare.

With more than 349 hospitals and 72,088 beds, Central Florida provides numerous opportunities for travel healthcare professionals. Florida boasts some of the top, innovative medical research facilities in the country, including the University of Central Florida medical school, the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute biomedical research facility, and a new Veterans Administration hospital. 

This all means opportunities for travel nurses. No matter your specialty, there are travel nursing options to appeal to your desires and preferences.

4. A best place to live

Why do people love Central Florida? In addition to the great weather, sunshine, and coasts, it boasts good schools and universities, a booming economy, diversity, good food, arts, entertainment, and culture. Those are just of a few of the factors that helped Orlando make Livability’s top 100 cities in the U.S. to live in.

Central Florida beach

5. There’s so much to do

Central Florida is a top destination for travelers for many reasons. For one, it’s home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, LEGO Land, and many more.  Orlando is known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World” for good reason.

Telemetry nurse Brittany Monteiro loves Central Florida because of all the theme parks. “My favorite assignment has been Orlando, obviously because of Disney World. I had never been before. I loved Magic Kingdom; Cinderella’s castle was amazing. EPCOT was super cool.”

In addition, Central Florida boasts countless outdoor activities, notable attractions, local cuisine favorites, carnivals, and festivals. It’s routine to see online guides like 71 things to do in Orlando besides the theme parks, which says a lot about just how many fun, unique sights and activities there are in Central Florida.

Travel nursing jobs in Central Florida

Want more sun? Then give Central Florida a try. It’s the perfect place for travel nurses who love adventure, traveling, theme parks, beautiful weather, sun, and surf.

Interested in learning more about travel nursing jobs in Central Florida? Give us a call at 800.866.0407 or view today’s travel nursing jobs in Florida.

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