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6 travel nurse music playlists for your next assignment

Travel nurse listening to music

We all have those songs that help us recover from a long shift or energize us on a Friday night. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites with you! Here are six Spotify travel nurse playlists we created just for you! Give them a listen to enjoy old favorites, expand your musical horizons, and maybe discover a new favorite or two along the way!

Confidence builder

If you’re feeling nervous for the first day of a new assignment, this playlist has you covered. It features new and classic songs that are all about being unapologetically strong, smart, and powerful. This playlist is also great for those occasional days when nursing feels particularly hard. Whether you have a difficult patient or a grumpy coworker, listen to this playlist and remember that your work is saving lives, and what’s more awesome than that?
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listening to music to relax and unwindRelax and unwind

Nursing is stressful, and it’s really important to take breaks and relax when you can. Travel nursing is a great way to mix traveling and work to reduce burnout, but you should also actively think about unwinding after you’re done with a shift, so that you’re energized for the next day. With chill songs that you can sing along to, this playlist goes perfectly with a nice dinner and dessert, a long bath, or a hike — whatever helps you relax.
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Road trippin’

As you travel to your next nursing assignment, you’ll need a playlist that blends nostalgic favorites with songs that you can’t help but belt out the words to. We’ve created just that. These songs will keep your trip interesting, and they’ll get you energized for your new assignment.
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Night out

Dancing the night away is a great way to reduce stress after a long shift at work. Whether you’re catching up with a friend who’s visiting you or going out with new nursing friends, here’s a playlist full of current hits as well as hits that never get old.
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travel nurse listening to workout playlist Workout jam

While you spend your day helping your patients get healthy, it’s important that you don’t neglect your own wellness. Workouts are a great way to stay fit, improve your mental health, and bring balance to your life. This playlist features deep-bass, high-energy beats and some classic throwbacks that will help you run faster, lift more, and squat lower. Go get ‘em!
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Recruiter favorites

We asked our recruiters to share some of their favorite songs. This playlist is a compilation of their choices, demonstrating the variety of recruiters we have at RNnetwork. This playlist has everything from indie pop to classic rock and much more. We even included one from our new president, Lynne Gross, who is passionate about “Sweet Home Alabama”! Listen to this playlist, and try to figure out which song might be your recruiter’s choice!
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