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11 nurses to follow on Instagram

Travel nursing offers flexibility, the chance to travel, and the ability to learn about how different communities approach nursing. Of course, travel nursing is ultimately what you make of it. Here are 11 nurses making the best of nursing, with photos that include vacation inspiration, jokes any nurse will appreciate, honesty about the nursing lifestyle, and the best part of Instagram — cute dogs!

1. @travelmursebob

@bobgoldnutz on Instagram

Bob Goldnetz’s Instagram shows how he travels across continents, spends a ton of time in the great outdoors, and lives in his van when he’s not working as a travel nurse. Get ready for some serious wanderlust if you follow Bob — his Instagram shows him driving from Salt Lake City to Alaska, flying a plane, and getting to the top of peaks via hiking or biking.

2. @travelincrab

@travelincrab on Instagram

Brittany Wall’s Instagram is all about the joys of being a travel nurse. From surfing adventures to quotes, Brittany’s profile is full of positivity. Travel nursing can be stressful, but Brittany relaxes in her off time by singing, surfing, and spending time on boats, all of which are documented on her profile. Plus her dog Max, a white poodle, makes lots of appearances on her Instagram, which just adds a whole lot of cuteness and positivity.

3. @tiny.wanderers

@tiny.wanderers on Instagram

If you’ve ever been curious about what life in a tiny house is actually like, Bryan Flake’s travel nurse Instagram is the answer. Bryan and his wife, Bethany, live in their tiny house along with their three kids, several cats and dogs, a pig, and a snake. Bryan’s Instagram is proof that no matter how big the family, tiny houses are a great alternative, especially for travel nursing. His Instagram also links to their blog about tiny houses, so you can get all sorts of tips and updates.

4. @nurse.blake

@nurse.blake on Instagram

Although there’s a lot of stress in nursing, there’s also a lot of humor to be found. Nurse Blake posts relatable jokes that are a fun reminder that you’re not alone in the craziness of nursing. He’ll also be a keynote speaker at TravCon, a conference just for travel nurses. His Instagram is a great preview of the hilarity he’ll bring to the conference!

5. @michithewanderess

@michithewanderess on Instagram

Michelle Marie’s Instagram has lots of photos of her adventures as a travel nurse, and the photos are beautifully shot. Her adventures have taken her to Utah’s deserts, Alaska’s glaciers, the Bahamas’ beaches, and much more. Simply put, her Instagram might make you a bit jealous, but the beauty of her photos will get you inspired to go on your own adventures.

6. @blue.hikes

@blue.hikes on Instagram

Alex Lowing’s main character on her Instagram is her golden retriever, Burley, so she already has a great profile. Plus, she travels and spends lots of time outdoors. She’s currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for the second time, which goes all the way from the border of the United States and Canada, through Washington, Oregon and California, down to the border of the United States and Mexico.

7. @xoxocooky

@xoxocooky on Instagram

If you’re looking for photos from around the world, Cooky La Madrid is a great person to follow. She’s a travel nurse, but her Instagram makes it look like she’s paid to travel the world. She posts photos of glamorous New York City skylines, earthy camping adventures, global destinations like the Eiffel Tower, Swiss villages, and much more. All of these photos are perfectly curated and shot, so they’re sure to brighten your feed.

8. @we.the.wanderers

@we.the.wanderers on Instagram

The only thing that makes travel nursing better is being able to travel nurse with a partner, and Meg and Ty have that covered. Their Instagram is both traveling goals and couple goals since they get to work and play together. From mountains and deserts to beaches and lakes, they’re taking in every adventure they can on each of their travel nursing assignments.

9. @kayla_smart

@kayla_smart on Instagram

If you’re looking for travel destinations that are slightly off the beaten path, Kayla Smart is a great travel nurse to follow on Instagram. She posts photos from exotic places like Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey. She also shows what travel nurses do best, which is to explore during their time off, whether it’s a break, a weekend, or a gap between travel nursing assignments. She’s currently working in Washington, which means she goes on lots of scenic hikes.

10. @natashabby

@natashabby on Instagram

Natasha is a pediatric nurse, and her Instagram has the same great travel photos that most travel nurses have. However, what sets her Instagram apart from other travel nurses’ profiles are her stories, which are a great resource for travel nurses. Her stories highlight working out while working as a nurse, her journey through nursing school and her work, and even her scrub fashion!

11. @dan_dan26

@dan_dan26 on Instagram

Danny works as an ICU travel nurse, and his Instagram is as adventurous as his career. His Instagram has highlights from his travels to places like Portugal and his activities like surfing in California. But perhaps more importantly, he posts about nursing in a refreshingly honest way. He shows the fun of being with other nurses, but also the occasional stress of long shifts with stakes that are especially high in the ICU. For a dose of inspiration and honesty, Danny is a great person to follow.

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