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On the road again: Traveling in a camper

Travel nurse with dogTravel nurse Brittany Wall has added a whole new dimension to her nursing career: she travels in a camper! “I love it, because it gives me more freedom to explore surrounding areas on my days off without really making any plans, I just hit the road and go.”

Brittany has been a travel nurse since 2015. Her first travel assignment was in Estes Park, Colorado. She has since worked jobs in Gooding, Idaho, and is currently working in Reno, Nevada.

She touts the benefits of combining housing with transportation. “The best part is definitely the freedom, and never having to unpack and repack,” she says. It also makes life easier for her canine traveling companion, Max. “It’s great when I work in smaller hospitals to be able to check on him during the night.”

Brittany doesn’t always stay in her camper. Working night shifts in a bigger city has presented a few challenges. “I’m currently renting a room outside of Reno because it was difficult with the summer heat and the city to find places to park the camper and sleep comfortably during the day.” Still, she says she’s glad to have the camper ready to go at a moment’s notice. “I have everything I need with me to be prepared for any adventure.”

Like many travel nurses, Brittany’s love of the outdoors and seeing new places was an important factor in her decision to begin traveling, but she also plans to settle down eventually. “Traveling allows me the opportunity to have the experience of living in new places and working at different places to figure out where I would like to eventually stay,” she says.

But travel nursing isn’t just about seeing new parts of the country. Brittany believes it has helped her advance in her career. “I believe that practicing nursing in different hospitals makes you a better nurse,” she says. “You’re able to see and experience how different the world of nursing is and learn new approaches and broaden your perspective.”

Her traveling days are far from over. Right now, she’s looking to go west. “I just got my California license so I’m hoping to find something near some family or friends that live in California.” She even hopes to work internationally someday. “I hope to take some time off and volunteer overseas for Doctors Without Borders, which is the reason why I became a nurse in the first place.”

When asked what her advice would be for new travel nurses, Brittany encourages them to take advantage of the opportunities that come with working in new locations. “Have fun! There’s so much to see and explore all over, get outside as much as you can and meet locals!”

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