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Eerie Institutions: 5 haunted hospitals that will make you shudder

If you find yourself feeling a few more goosebumps than usual this Halloween, it could be a ghostly presence by your side. Hospitals are often hot spots for paranormal activity. Here are a few tales about five of the country’s most haunted hospitals. It’s sure to send a shiver up your spine!

1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston, West Virginia)

With a history like that of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, it’s no wonder that spirits would haunt these grounds. The building opened its doors to mentally ill patients in 1864 as the Weston State Hospital. As mental illnesses were not well understood, the hospital held more patients than it was equipped for. Patients were forced to live in unsanitary quarters, were often malnourished, and received questionable medical treatment. As a patient in the asylum, it wasn’t uncommon to be restrained and receive electroshock therapy or even lobotomies. Hundreds of patients died in Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. It’s said that these deceased patients now roam the asylum, particularly the fourth floor. Many visitors have claimed to communicate with a spirit named Lily. Although Lily’s history is a mystery, many have felt her presence at the asylum and allege she communicates with visitors by interacting with toys in the room dedicated to her memory.

2. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Louisville, Kentucky)

Known as one of the most haunted hospitals worldwide, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This haunted locale was used as a hospital in 1910 during the tuberculosis outbreak. With no known cure for tuberculosis, physicians relied on sunlight therapy — exposure to fresh air outside no matter the temperature — as well as more gruesome experimental methods of treatment. Waverly Hills Sanatorium closed its doors in 1961 after the first antibiotic was released. It re-opened from 1962 to 1980 as the Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium until it was permanently closed for reports of patient abuse. This explains why some visitors claim to have been “greeted” at the main entrance by an elderly woman in chains. Paranormal activity has been reported all throughout the building. One of the most haunted areas is the body chute, which was used to transport thousands of deceased patients out of the hospital without other patients seeing. Many ghost hunters believe that spirits are lost in the death tunnel and can’t find their way out.

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3. Linda Vista Community Hospital (Los Angeles, California)

It’s difficult to picture the setting of one of America’s most haunted hospitals in the sunny hills of Los Angeles, but Linda Vista Community Hospital certainly has a reputation for spooky sightings. Opened in 1904, the hospital was successful until the Great Depression and World War II impacted the country. With decreased funding and staff availability, patient deaths escalated until the hospital was forced to close in 1991. Many believe that patient abuse was the true cause for the hospital’s high death rate and closure. Although the facility no longer serves patients, Hollywood has relied on it for filming the movie “Pearl Harbor,” the pilot episode of “ER,” and other projects. There have been several reports of haunted encounters during filming. Three spirits in particular are said to still roam the halls of Linda Vista Community Hospital. One spirit is an orderly still making his rounds. Others have witnessed a young woman pacing the third-floor hallway. The spirit of a little girl has also been reported in the surgical room.

4. Yorktown Memorial Hospital (Yorktown, Texas)

Although Yorktown may appear quaint and peaceful, many say that Yorktown Memorial Hospital adds an eerie presence. The building opened in 1950 as a rehabilitation center for individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol. The tormented spirits of many patients that passed away at the hospital are said to have remained inside after its closure in 1980. Yorktown Memorial Hospital’s caretaker claims to have seen plenty of spooky sights, from glowing red eyes to several large black objects. He has also reported that if lights are on at the nurse’s station, there is a calm presence. However, once the lights turn off you may also see many of the departed patients walking through the halls.

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5. Rolling Hills Asylum (East Bethany, New York)

Established in 1827, the Rolling Hills Asylum served patients as a hospital, orphanage, and nursing home. Individuals that lived in the facility were referred to as “inmates” regardless of their reason for needing assistance. After closing its doors in 1974, it’s said that many of those who sought help still call the Rolling Hills Asylum home. The east wing on the second floor of the building seems to be especially crowded with spirits, and is often referred to as the “Shadow Hallway.” Volunteers at the asylum even talk about a favorite “shadow man” known as Roy. A former patient, Roy is said to have sought treatment for a tumor that caused him to be seven-feet tall. Roy passed away at the asylum, but it may be that he is still checking in on those maintaining the building.

Make sure to look behind you during your next shift. There are many haunted hospitals out there, so watch your step!

Have you ever experienced a paranormal encounter? Share your story in the comments below.

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