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5 reasons travel nursing could be your dream career

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Taking the leap to become a travel nurse may be intimidating, but there are many benefits of travel nursing that make it worth the plunge. No need to take our word for it. Keep scrolling to learn what several travel nurses have to say about the perks of travel nursing.

1. Competitive compensation

One of the top reasons to try travel nursing is the paycheck. Travel nursing can do wonders for your bank account. Healthcare facilities bring on travel nurses to help address staffing needs or fill hard-to-cover shifts. As a travel nurse willing to help wherever needed, your compensation is limited only by your flexibility and how much you want to work.

On top of the paycheck, travel nurses are also eligible to receive a housing allowance, per diem, and other non-taxed compensation. These financial benefits are why many choose to pursue travel nursing. Scott Carpenter says that his salary doubled when he began travel nursing. As a result, he is now able to achieve his financial goals.

“I’m able to get my bills paid off. If I want to go on a vacation somewhere, I now have the resources to do that,” says Scott. “As I look to the future of travel nursing, my goal is to build a retirement that I’ve never had.”

2. Travel opportunities

Many nurses choose travel nursing as a career to fulfill their wanderlust. With this career path comes an opportunity to see the world and embrace new cultures. Whether you long to look over the edge of the Grand Canyon or experience all that Alaska has to offer, travel nursing is the perfect blend of serving and adventure.

LaDonna Shore chose to pursue travel nursing because she needed a change of scenery. “I love many things about travel nursing,” says LaDonna. “But I truly like the flexibility.” She has also found comfort in knowing that she can travel the country safely with the support of her family and RNnetwork.

3. Exploring with companions

Taking the leap to become a travel nurse may seem daunting, so why do it alone? Many travel nurses choose to hit road with friends and family. Bryan Flake travels the country with his wife, three kids, and eleven pets. “People think you can’t travel with a family,” says Bryan. “But it’s very doable if you just stay organized, figure out what your goals really are, and what works best for your family.”

When you think of power couples, Princess and Jason Conty certainly set the bar. The happy couple enjoy the benefits of travel nursing as a duo. “I like traveling together as a couple because I’m never alone,” says Princess. “The fact that I can have someone with me all the time who I know and that will always support me has been very helpful.”

Jason also enjoys experiencing the benefits of travel nursing with his wife by his side. “I like traveling together because you have that companion,” says Jason. “There’s that peace of mind that you have that somebody to be with, that no matter what we’ve got each other’s backs.”

4. Flexible scheduling

Not all assignments are the same. Travel nurses can create customized work schedules based on the assignments they choose. It’s common for travel nurses to work a three-month assignment and then take a break to travel or unwind before beginning another assignment. Not only can travel nurses choose when to begin an assignment, they have a variety of locations to choose from. When Chris Hegglund became a travel nurse, he found a love for Arizona. Travel nursing gives him the benefit of a flexible schedule while staying in the state he has grown to love.

This flexible schedule also allows more time to pursue your hobbies. Chris decided to begin selling shaved ice out of a concession truck to combat the Arizona heat and was even able to host a snowball fight in the desert for kids attending their Fall Festival. “I wouldn’t have been able to do that without a job like my travel nursing job,” says Chris. “It allowed me to have enough money to invest in my shaved ice trucks and take a little time off and recoup.” Whatever extra time means to you, travel nursing provides the flexibility to enjoy it.

5. Enhanced clinical skills

With each assignment comes new experiences and new people to learn from. Kristine Wadley says she’s still learning from her assignments after 14 years as a travel nurse. “I get to work with some brilliant people whether they be nurses or doctors,” says Kristine. “I’m always picking up and adding to my own personal practice on a daily basis.”

As in any job, it’s helpful to continually learn from those around you and see how they succeed. Travel nursing expands the network of individuals to learn from and invites new ways of thinking.

Karen Leitneikar says that learning new procedures at each hospital allows her to grow as a travel nurse. “You’re learning new techniques or how they do it at the facility,” says Karen. “So, you’re kind of opening up your mind to new ways of doing things.”

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