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Video: How to be a Successful Travel Nurse

Becky Ouellette, travel nurseBecky Ouellette obtained her ACLS and stroke certification as a travel nurse. She has refreshed her nursing skills and says she has learned more than she thought she could — even with 30 years of nursing experience.

Travel nursing jobs have really enhanced my career, because I can take knowledge I have from one hospital to another,” she says. “It’s encouraged me to keep my education up to date and branch out and try new things.”

With eight years of traveling nursing experience behind her, Becky knows a few things about making the career a successful one:

Work with a recruiter you trust

“My recruiter, Ora, has been amazing and has been there every step of the way,” Becky shares. “The night I was moving into my apartment for my Florida assignment, it was raining and everything was kind of hectic. Ora came over with a pizza and made me feel right at home. She’s always there to answer my phone calls, and if she can’t get to me during the day, she calls me on her way home.”

Be flexible and positive

“To be a successful travel nurse, you have to be able to adapt easily. You have to have an outgoing personality. You have to be friendly,” Becky says. “It’s going to be scary and intimidating at first, but go in there with a smile on your face and a positive attitude. Show the hospital that you’re there for them, and they’ll appreciate you.”

Have a sense of adventure

“If you are experiencing burnout, travel nursing is probably the best thing in the world for you. It keeps you on your game; it keeps everything fresh,” Becky says. “You can do anything for 13 weeks. There’s always the next place to go with a whole new adventure.”

Learn more about Becky’s story in the video below!

Becky was one of eight nurses who attended our recent nurse panel. Check out her spotlight for more tips on getting started as a travel nurse!

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