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Video: Sharing Travel Nursing Assignments with Your Family

Jason Conty, travel nurseJason Conty says taking travel nursing jobs with his wife, Princess, is like honeymooning the whole year.

“We can go to the beach, and I love to fish, so I can go fishing. It’s a good mix of people and a new environment — and when you’re off work, you’re on vacation,” Jason says. “It’s awesome being able to share that with Princess — and who better to share it with than your better half?”

Simplifying life to try travel nursing

Originally from Virginia, Jason met Princess in nursing school there and worked at a hospital for two years before the couple decided they needed a change of pace. He recalls the day he and Princess told their families they’d be selling their home, quitting their jobs and taking travel nursing assignments.

“We invited them to dinner and didn’t tell them why, so of course they thought, ‘Oh my gosh. We’re going to have a grandchild,’” Jason says. “Then I said, ‘We’re going travel nursing.’ Their faces changed, and they were surprised and asked a lot of questions. We’d done our research, so we were able to tell them what was going on — and in the end they were supportive.”

Traveling across the U.S. with your spouse

Though he and Princess don’t intend to travel forever, Jason says they’re enjoying planning new assignments (Nashville, most recently) and exploring the country as a couple.

“Travel nursing was always in the back of our heads, since we met in nursing school,” Jason says. “We sold our home and gave away our furniture and figured it’s just stuff. In the end, it’s all about the experience, so whatever comes comes. We’ll be with each other and we’ll just take on the world together.”

Hear more about Jason’s experience in his video below!

Jason was among the eight nurses who attended our recent nurse panel. Check out his video with his wife, Princess, to learn more.

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