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Travel Nurse Spotlight: Sandra Ward

Sandra WardRegistered nurse Sandra Ward has been traveling with RNnetwork since 2010 and has experience in medical, surgical, orthopedics, telemetry, oncology, ER hold and stepdown specialties.

“I like the variety, meeting new people and having new learning opportunities,” Sandra says of her time as a travel nurse.

Though she says her dream assignment is one close to her home in Kentucky so she can drive back and forth on her days off, Sandra has enjoyed her time at level-one trauma and teaching facilities as well, and recalls an extraordinary experience she had on assignment.

“I worked in an ICU oncology stem cell transplant unit where we would take the patient sometimes to the edge of life and then bring them back again,” Sandra recalls.

Sandra’s suggestion for other travelers, or those interested in travel nurse assignments, is simple: work hard.

“Show up on time and be friendly, and pay attention to your patients,” she says. “Do an over-the-board assessment and document, document, document. Help others and always encourage team work.”

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