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M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I: Travel nurses spell success, access in the Magnolia State

Travel nursing in Mississippi

For many, the decision to pursue a career in nursing is motivated by a desire to care for individuals in need and improve the lives of the patients they serve. Travel nurses magnify this effort by traveling to and sharing their skills with communities in greatest need of medical care.

Mississippi is home to nearly 120 hospitals and healthcare institutions that are working hard to deliver outstanding care to the communities they serve. However, due in large part to the state’s outlying rural areas, many individuals still lack proper access to care.

Travel nurses wishing to effect change and help in the effort to improve access to care may consider travel nursing in Mississippi. Read on to learn more about the opportunities for work and life in the Magnolia State.

Travel nursing in MississippiSignificant need for nurses

The nationwide nursing shortage is felt in large measure across the entire country, and Mississippi is no exception. It being primarily a rural state, many Mississippi residents live in medically underserved areas. In fact, Mississippi ranks last among states in physicians per capita, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Nurses can play an important role in expanding access to care for Mississippians. For travel nurses who desire to make a difference while sharpening their skills, a travel assignment in medically underserved communities adds a dimension to their experience that is both professionally valuable and personally rewarding.

A Nurse Licensure Compact state

Another reason to consider travel nursing in Mississippi among potential travel assignments is its participation in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC is a multi-state license that allows nurses to practice in their home state and other participating NLC states without obtaining additional licenses. The license makes it affordable and convenient to practice across state borders and helps remove the often cumbersome expenses and paperwork involved in securing multiple licenses.

Cost of living

Another benefit of practicing nursing in the Magnolia State is the low cost of living. Cost of living in Mississippi is well below the national average. Housing contributes most significantly to the disparity, with costs averaging just 60 percent of the national average. Other important factors, including grocery, healthcare, and transportation, all fall below national averages.

With lower expenditures, nurses can use that discretionary income to pay down school loans and save for the future.

Rich in history and natural wonder

Travel nursing in MississippiMississippi is home to beautiful beaches, including the Gulf Islands National Seashore — a protected region of mainland beaches and islands along Mississippi and Florida. The Mississippi portion features natural beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, bayous, and nature trails. Much of the areas is accessible only by boat, which makes it ideal for wildlife viewing.

For music history enthusiasts, the Mississippi Delta is known as the birthplace of blues music. Blues musicians and composers, including W.C. Handy — the “Father of the Blues” — hailed from and traveled through the region, drawing on influences from the area’s popular music. And a small two-bedroom house in the northern Mississippi town of Tupelo, Mississippi marks the spot where rock-n-roll legend Elvis Presley was born.

History buffs will enjoy exploring Mississippi’s 40 National Historic Landmarks, including author William Faulkner’s home, Civil War sites, and archaeological sites of the Plaquemine ancient civilization.

Food and fun in the Magnolia State

For individuals seeking night life and great dining, Mississippi delivers in force. As with much of the South, the local culinary tradition is inspired by a fusion of African, European and Native American influences. Get your gumbo fix at Jackson’s oldest restaurant, the Mayflower Café. Grab a drumstick from Lorman’s Old Country Store, the proprietor of which has been hailed “The King of Fried Chicken.” Or, enjoy an upscale, updated take on Southern fare at City Grocery in Oxford.

Consider Mississippi for your next travel assignment

For nurses interested in sharpening their professional skills, saving for the future, and serving communities in need, Mississippi represents a wealth of opportunity to make an impact. Its status as an NLC state affords nurses the ease and flexibility to practice in Mississippi. Against the backdrop of historical significance and rich natural beauty, Mississippi is a desirable candidate for your next travel nursing assignment.

For more information about travel nursing in Mississippi, give us a call at 800.866.0407 or view today’s jobs opportunities.

Are you a travel nurse who has completed a travel assignment or is currently on assignment in Mississippi? Share your highlights, tips and advice below!  

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