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Travel Nurse Spotlight: Becky Ouellette

Becky_OueletteHaving spent nearly 30 years as a nurse, Becky Ouellette wanted to do something new with her career.

“I started taking travel nursing jobs because I wanted to explore the country, meet new people and learn different ways of doing my job,” Becky recalls. “I found traveling to be all of that and more. I now have lifelong friends in places I’d never been before and have seen beautiful parts of the country.”

Choosing a travel nursing agency

Though she’s been a traveler for eight years, Becky began working with RNnetwork just one year ago after searching for a different staffing company.

“RNnetwork has a great reputation in the industry and was rated very highly on travel nursing sites. A couple friends who worked for RNnetwork also said very positive things about it,” Becky says. “I feel like I made a good choice, because I’ve been treated like gold with RNnetwork. I don’t think I’m going to be leaving.”

Developing a relationship with your recruiter

Becky recalls her recruiter, Ora, stepping in personally to help when she first began working in south Florida.

“The night I was moving in, it was raining and everything was kind of hectic. Ora came over with a pizza and made me feel right at home. She even helped me figure out my cable that wouldn’t turn on,” Becky expresses. “Ora has been there for me every step of the way. She’s become a friend as well as a recruiter.”

Being flexible in a new facility

While Becky is quick to admit that it’s difficult for her to figure out what to leave home, she recommends new travelers pack light. She also tells friends interested in the career to be adaptable, especially when it comes to the facility’s work schedule.

“Keep a positive attitude and go to your first hospital with a smile on your face and a willingness to show the hospital you’re there to serve their needs,” Becky says. “Be friendly and helpful to everyone around you. You’ll fit in quickly, and they’ll be very glad to have the extra hands.”

Maintaining and growing your nursing skills

For Becky, travel nursing is a great way to avoid burnout because it allows her to try new things.

“Travel nursing has enhanced my career and encouraged me to keep my skills fresh and up to date,” Becky says. “I can bring the knowledge I’ve gained from all the other places I’ve worked around the country. If you’re experiencing burnout, travel nursing is probably the best thing for you. There’s always the next place to go with a whole new adventure. You can do anything for 13 weeks.”

Staying grounded as a nurse

With nearly three decades of nursing behind her, Becky says it’s the little things that keep her going.

“When a patient appreciates the effort that you are making to make things better for them or a physician acknowledges that you’ve done something positive, that’s what it’s really about,” Becky expresses. “It’s about the little thank yous and appreciations you get along the way.”

Becky was one of eight nurses who attended our recent nurse panel. Look for a video about her experiences coming soon — and check out panelist Mary Stewart’s video about why it’s exciting to be a travel nurse.

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