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Three Factors to Consider as a Travel Nurse

Registered nurse salaryWhile registered nurses earn an average of $65,000 annually, the salaries vary across the country, ranging from $46,000 to $94,000. Below are the 10 states with the highest nurse salaries from LendingTree:

  1. California: $94,000
  2. Hawaii: $84,750
  3. Massachusetts: $83,370
  4. Alaska: $80,970
  5. Nevada: $77,870
  6. Oregon: $78,530
  7. New Jersey: $75,820
  8. Connecticut: $75,660
  9. Washington: $75,350
  10. New York: $74,100

However, pay is only one aspect of a travel assignment, especially if you’ll be bringing your family along for the ride. When considering taking a nursing job, keep the following factors in mind in addition to salary:

Distance from your home state. You may be looking for a change of pace, and a move from Maine to California might be a great way to experience a totally different culture and climate. However, if you’re close to your family or have strong ties with colleagues and friends in your area, an assignment that’s only a few hours’ drive or a short plane ride away might be better. Consider how often you’ll be coming home to visit and what events will be happening while you’re away before accepting a new job.

Cost of living. Groceries, transportation and even simple tasks like shipping packages cost more in Hawaii, for example, than in the contiguous United States. While your housing and utilities will be paid and you can fill out a reimbursement form for mileage and even meal per diems, the cost of living may be higher in one state (or one area of the state) than you’re used to. If you’ll be bringing your family along on the assignment, you’ll also want to keep costs in mind, especially if you plan to sightsee or travel during the weekends.

Transportation options. Working in a large metropolitan area like New York City allows you and your family easy (and inexpensive) access to public transportation options like the subway or city bus system. Rural areas will require you to drive most everywhere and may be hundreds of miles from the nearest airport. Consider how frequently and how far you’ll be traveling when you’re on assignment.

Ready to weigh your options and see a new part of the country? Search our open travel nursing jobs now.

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