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National Nurses Week 2017: Thank You from RNnetwork

Happy National Nurses week! At RNnetwork, we’re excited to take any chance we can get to celebrate all of the work you do.

What is National Nurses Week?

National Nurses Week commemorates the birth of one of the most famous nurses, Florence Nightingale. But equally important, it celebrates all the work nurses do every day. National Nurses Week started officially in 1974, after a nearly two-decade push to designate a particular week for nurses. The week recognizes May 6 as the official National Nursing Day, plus days recognizing student nurses and registered nurses.

At RNnetwork, we know that nursing is so much more than a job. Nursing is a profession that means truly getting to know patients and their families. It means comforting these people in a time that can be stressful and scary. It means guiding patients with care and sympathy, and for that we will always be grateful.

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Thank You to Our Travel Nurses

Travel nurses do all this for communities that particularly need nurses, whether it’s because it’s a rural community, or a crowded one with a patient demand higher than what local nurses can accommodate. Last year, our travelers serving nearly 6 million patients. We know that each of these patients is grateful for their nurses’ work, and we want to thank our nurses for all that they do and more.

Though we can’t thank and show off all of our nurses individually, here are a few nurses who we’ve had a chance to work with.

Taking Care of Others

Princess Conty grew up with nurses in her family, but she didn’t always have a strong interest in nursing. However, when her grandmother suffered a serious stroke, Princess watched nurses take care of her grandmother, and bring her back to health. Princess decided that taking care of people like her grandmother was something she wanted to do too, so she started a career in nursing. Now, she and her husband, Jason, who’s also a nurse, work travel nursing jobs together.

Read more about Princess here.

Providing for Family

Bryan FlakeBryan Flake was working as a nurse in Roanoke, Virginia, when he lost his job because of Roanoke’s decreasing population. Faced with unemployment as a married father of three kids, Bryan worried he wouldn’t be able to continue nursing. However, RNnetwork guided him through the process of travel nursing, and now he and family get to travel across the country.

Read more about Bryan here.

Protecting Our Country

Travel nurse Karen LeitnakerKaren Leitnaker had plans to become a teacher, or an accountant, or an ambassador. None of these stuck, until she found herself working as a nurse for the Army in Iraq. Because male nurses cannot take care of religious female patients, Karen found that she had lots of freedoms and liberty during her nursing practice. When she came back to the United States, she decided she wanted to keep this freedom and liberty, so travel nursing seemed like the most natural step.

Read more about Karen here.

These are just some of the amazing things our nurses at RNnetwork have done, and we want to thank them and all of our nurses for all of the amazing things they’ll continue to do!

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