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Five Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

Reasons to try travel nursingWhether you’ve worked as a nurse for a few years or have been in the profession for several decades, you may be looking for a new opportunity — and travel nursing could be the perfect option for you! Read on for five reasons to give these assignments a try:

Short-term work commitments. While you may have to sign a year-long contract at a hospital or doctor’s office when you take a new position, travel nursing assignments range in length from several weeks to several months. A recruiter can help you find an assignment that works with your schedule, especially if you’re trying travel nursing for the first time and only have four weeks to commit to a facility. If you decide you love your work and want to continue working there, you can sometimes negotiate with the facility to extend your assignment.

New destinations and environments. Travel nursing appeals to those who would like to see a different part of the country but simply don’t have the time, money or flexibility to do so. If you’ve always wanted to see Alaska in the summer or flee freezing winters by working in Florida during the winter, this is a great way to get away for a while and not give up your income. Make a list of your go-to places and search for job openings in the cities and states you want to visit. Chances are, your recruiter can locate the perfect assignment or help you find one in a similar area you may not have considered.

Flexible hours and days. If you’re experiencing burnout from working multiple 12-hour shifts at a busy hospital each week, now is the time to look into travel nursing assignments with fewer hours and a more manageable task load. Some facilities simply need extra help on the weekends; others need a nurse who can work 8 – 5 on weekdays. Be realistic about your schedule, and have your recruiter find an assignment with work hours that allow you to achieve a healthier work/life balance.

Unique work experience. Maybe you’ve always wanted the opportunity to work at a small rural hospital in the Midwest where your family lives — but you currently live in a bustling part of Los Angeles. Whatever the case may be, you can accept an assignment far from home (or even just a few hours away) and gain valuable experience working at a different type of facility than you’re used to.

Benefits your first day on the job. When you begin your travel nursing assignment, you’ll immediately receive health, dental and vision insurance, be able to contribute to a 401(k) plan and have access to an employee assistance program, credentialing assistance and free continuing education courses. RNnetwork also secures housing for you and your family or gives you a housing allowance if you choose to provide your own accommodations. Learn more about our assignment perks by visiting the Day One Benefits page.

Are you convinced that travel nursing is for you? Fill out this dream job form to begin the process today!

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