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3 ways our clinical nurse liaisons support our travel nurses

Our clinical nurse liaisons are here to support you

The quality of your travel nursing experience is our top priority. That’s why your recruiter is backed by a big team of travel, housing, credentialing, and payroll experts. Every day, they all work together to make sure that your assignment goes as smoothly as possible. Your success, satisfaction, and safety is their top priority.

What you may not know is RNnetwork also has a team of clinic nurse liaisons (CNLs) that are here to support you on credentialing, testing, and even clinical questions that might come up while on assignment. Together our team of CNLs have a combined 75 years of hands-on nursing experience!

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Whether you’re just starting out, or making travel nursing a full-time career, here are three ways our CNL team can help you be more successful.

1. Credentialing support

The CNL team is ready to talk through your nursing education and work history to help you identify your strengths and explore potential fit with facilities that need your skills. Your recruiter will guide you through most of this process, but the clinical nurse liaison can be your advocate when more technical questions come up.

In addition, the CNLs may help you and your credentialer with your documentation. All of your certifications and licenses from the time you went to school through your most recent nursing job have to be verified, along with your current health documentation and immunization status. The CNL team can step in when you need a little extra help tracking down source documents or fill in any gaps.

2. Testing and acuity assessment

Before you start an assignment, you’ll need to pass specialty and orientation exams. At this stage of the process, the CNL team functions like a virtual “study buddy” to help you prepare and pass. If you don’t pass a particular exam on the first try, they help you with remediation.

The CNL team doesn’t give you the answers, but they’re experts at helping you reach back into your own nursing school experience and see things more clearly when you’re stuck. They can provide you with study guides and, in special situations, can do coaching with you on the phone.

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3. Clinical questions on assignment

Your recruiter and the team of experts that handles your housing, travel, and credentialing are all there to make sure your assignment is a great experience for you and for the client from start to finish. But once in a while you might need deeper nursing advice on a specific clinical situation that’s tough to explain to your recruiter.

These are the times when your clinical nurse liaison team can really help to ease your mind. The patient comes first, so they encourage you to go to your charge nurse with things that have an immediate impact on the patient’s wellbeing. However, they’re also available to brainstorm with you after the fact on questions about procedures, medications, or shift issues that may have come up.

These are just a few of the ways, RNnetwork’s clinical nurse liaisons are here to support you. If you’d like connect up with a CNL, give us a call at 800.866.0407.

Want to learn more about our clinical nurse liaisons? Watch the video below.

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