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Nursing duo shares 4 reasons why they have the best recruiter in the world

Travel nurses Nicole Dalman and Debbie Porter are life partners and travel partners, enjoying the opportunity to travel as a team and experience new places together. For the two of the them, their recruiter Samantha Carfi is a critical contributor to their job satisfaction.

The traveling duo sounds off on four qualities that make their recruiter such an important part of their success.

1. She understands and accommodates my priorities

One of the most important factors to Nicole and Debbie  when considering a travel assignment is the opportunity to work together.

“I love being part of a travel team,” Debbie says. “I don’t think there are many things in life that I could do without Nicole. It’s so nice to have someone who truly understands what you do day-to-day. It’s wonderful having someone to travel with.”

Samantha understands Nicole and Debbie’s travel assignment priorities and works tirelessly to secure contracts that allow them to travel together as a team.

“Being part of a travel team has its obvious benefits, but it can also present a difficult dynamic to the contracting process,” Nicole says. “I don’t know how Sam does it, but she’s always able to pull off just what we need. Sometimes that might mean offering a hospital or location that was different from what we initially thought — it makes us think about opportunities we hadn’t considered before.”

2. She earns and keeps my trust

For Debbie, a trustworthy and dependable recruiter is paramount.

“I’m the type of person who likes structure, likes knowing what is coming next, and likes to mentally prepare,” she says. “With traveling, some things are up in the air and you have to be able to put your trust in your recruiter. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Sam worked very hard to earn my trust. She pulls through every time. She is so dependable and that means everything.”

From credentialing and housing to contracts and salary, the world of travel nursing comes with many moving parts. When uncertainty arises, Nicole appreciates knowing her recruiter will always work hard to support her.

“That’s where the trust comes in with your recruiter and that’s why having the right recruiter is so important,” Nicole shares. “I trust when she says she’s going to find me a job in this time frame, she will. Sam has never let me down.”

3. She is always accessible

Samantha’s accessibility and availability are two virtues of high importance to Debbie. She appreciates being able to reach her recruiter any time she needs.

“Sam is always there. I can call, text, or email at any hour and she always responds,” Debbie says. “And if she is going to be out of the office for a few days, she always reaches out to let us know who we can contact in her absence. That takes a lot of planning and foresight as a recruiter to do that. I appreciate her so much, and I always know she will be there for us.”

4. She is a true friend

Above all else, Nicole and Debbie value the friendship they have built with their recruiter. Samantha goes above and beyond to foster a sincere relationship and connection with the travel nurses she serves.

“Right off the bat I felt comfortable; I felt like I was talking to a friend,” Nicole says. “You can tell Sam enjoys what she does, and I felt that connection right away. This is somebody you’re going to be working very closely with. If you don’t feel a connection with a recruiter, you should probably find someone else — regardless of what they have to offer, because it won’t work.”

Nicole adds, “Working with Sam is just like working with a friend. She’s just so easy to talk to. And it really helps, because when you’re a travel nurse, it’s not just about the nursing — it’s finding housing, credentialing, and getting from point A to point B. I felt like she was always there for me because she knew that if she helped me with outside things, I would be a better nurse in the long run. You can tell she cares.”

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