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2019 RNnetwork Nurse of the Month winners

RNnetwork works with the best travel nurses in the country (and probably the world). Each month we recognize one of them with the RNnetwork Nurse of the Month award.

Here’s a little bit about each of our 2019 winners.

January: Ebrima

Ebrima has been a medical surgical/telemetry nurse for five years now and has been traveling with RNnetwork for more than three years. He enjoys the change of scenery that each new assignment brings as well as the chance to learn from all the people he meets along his journey. In his spare time, Ebrima enjoys running, watching his favorite TV shows, and visiting historical sites.

Ebrima says he chooses to travel with RNnetwork for the unique benefits, extensive selection of jobs, and his special relationship with his recruiter, Alyssa.

“She is always there for me,” he says. “She listens to my personal problems and gives great advice when she needs to.”

As a nurse, Ebrima’s most impactful moment was caring for a young woman who was suffering from severe brain cancer. This woman also had a young child. Since this experience, Ebrima has chosen to take life day by day, love his friends and family, and be kind to everyone who crosses his path.

Ebrima’s Travel Nurse Pledge

I am a travel nurse. I love to meet and care for all people. Traveling excites me. It makes me feel at ease. I will continue to explore this mighty country and cover thousands of miles with love and smiles. I will continue to grow, learn from others and share the little I know with those who I am fortunate to meet. The memories I am making are priceless. I am not making new friends, I am multiplying my family. And our bonds get stronger as days go by. I love caring for patients and their families, I gain from their life stories, and this makes me better, each day. I am lucky to be a travel nurse.

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Liz Cornwall

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