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2019 RNnetwork Nurse of the Month winners

RNnetwork works with the best travel nurses in the country (and probably the world). Each month we recognize one of them with the RNnetwork Nurse of the Month award.

Here’s a little bit about each of our 2019 winners.

April: Amy

Amy (right) and her daughter, Abbey

Amy has been a labor and delivery nurse for 23 years and a travel nurse with RNnetwork for a year. One of the reasons she chose to become a traveler was to give her daughter the opportunity to experience new places and cultures.

“I wanted to instill in my daughter a sense of adventure and for her to see the beauty of other places outside our backyard,” Amy shares.

For Amy, finding success as a travel nurse starts with finding the right staffing agency and a recruiter that listens and understands what you’re looking for in an assignment, like her recruiter Abe.

“After many conversations with over twenty recruiters, I was finally introduced to Abe,” she says. “When I’d look into contracts, I felt the recruiters weren’t listening to me. Abe was different from the beginning. He didn’t try to fit me into the jobs right in front of him. Instead, he went searching for the ones that met the criteria I’d set.”

When Amy isn’t working as a nurse, she’s busy being a USA Today bestselling author.

“Traveling has given me opportunities to explore other cultures and meet people who enhance my writing process,” Amy says. “I currently have two works in progress that should be published this year.”

Amy’s Travel Nurse Pledge

The moment that has impacted my nursing career the most is seeing my family being treated poorly during sickness or change. My nursing pledge is to treat my patients as I’d want my family to be treated. Every birth is special, and it’s my job to be sure their memories are the best.

March: Dana

Dana has been a cardiology nurse for 29 years and has been traveling with RNnetwork for three years. She loves working for RNnetwork because she gets to work with her awesome recruiter, Kelly. Outside of nursing, Dana enjoys cooking different foods, gardening, and last but not least, being a mom. Dana also likes vacationing to warm, sunny places and shopping along the way.

“Many patients have impacted my career, so many have touched my heart, and that’s what keeps me wanting to help others. I love helping people,” she says.

Dana decided to travel as a way explore new places as well as to make new friends and family at each new place she goes.

Dana’s Travel Nurse Pledge

Care and treat the sick and promote the healthiness of my patients, all while enjoying different destinations and having the flexibility to enjoy my life.

February: Brenda

Brenda’s a veteran ER nurse and has been traveling with RNnetwork for nine years. Outside of the ER, Brenda enjoys hiking her family’s farm and spending time with her husband and their dog, Max. Recently, Brenda and her husband have been building their dream home — a log cabin.

“I am thankful for my travel assignments allowing flexibility and the time off needed to work with my husband building our dream home,” she says.

Brenda has traveled from coast-to-coast exploring everything from the San Diego Zoo and the Snake River in Idaho to the Colorado River and the Southernmost Point in the Florida Keys. Brenda says she loves working with RNnetwork because of her recruiter, Matt, and the unique benefits we offer our travelers. But what she loves most about being a travel nurse is the chance to share her knowledge with new ER nurses.

“It is hard to pick a moment that has impacted my nursing career, but even after all these years, I still enjoy being the bedside nurse and being a resource to many up-and-coming emergency nurses and promoting our profession.”

Brenda’s Travel Nurse Pledge

I am a travel nurse and am proud to promote emergency nursing.  I will take care of every patient and their family to the best of my ability. I will be a resource to both my patients and co-workers.  I will continue to investigate what the road less traveled has to offer.

January: Ebrima

Ebrima has been a medical surgical/telemetry nurse for five years now and has been traveling with RNnetwork for more than three years. He enjoys the change of scenery that each new assignment brings as well as the chance to learn from all the people he meets along his journey. In his spare time, Ebrima enjoys running, watching his favorite TV shows, and visiting historical sites.

Ebrima says he chooses to travel with RNnetwork for the unique benefits, extensive selection of jobs, and his special relationship with his recruiter, Alyssa.

“She is always there for me,” he says. “She listens to my personal problems and gives great advice when she needs to.”

As a nurse, Ebrima’s most impactful moment was caring for a young woman who was suffering from severe brain cancer. This woman also had a young child. Since this experience, Ebrima has chosen to take life day by day, love his friends and family, and be kind to everyone who crosses his path.

Ebrima’s Travel Nurse Pledge

I am a travel nurse. I love to meet and care for all people. Traveling excites me. It makes me feel at ease. I will continue to explore this mighty country and cover thousands of miles with love and smiles. I will continue to grow, learn from others and share the little I know with those who I am fortunate to meet. The memories I am making are priceless. I am not making new friends, I am multiplying my family. And our bonds get stronger as days go by. I love caring for patients and their families, I gain from their life stories, and this makes me better, each day. I am lucky to be a travel nurse.

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Liz Cornwall

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