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Why It Pays to Stay in Travel Nurse Agency Housing

Studio apartmentOnce you’re confirmed for a travel nursing job, it’s time to find a place to live for the next three months. You might be tempted to start scouring AirBNB or the classifieds for a cheap apartment. Or maybe drive out to your new city and spend the weekend househunting.

Instead of investing so much time into finding a temporary home, why not let your agency do the heavy lifting? Here are a few benefits of staying in company-provided housing:

You can move in early and move out late

RNnetwork provides free private, one-bedroom housing during your assignment. This includes 48 hours before your start date and after your end date. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for a few more days or scrambling to get everything out of your place.

You don’t have to pay a pet fee up front

No need to shell out an extra $200 or more to bring Fido along. RNnetwork pays for pet costs when booking your housing, and the deposit is deducted over multiple paychecks to lessen the financial burden.

You get what you want without tons of work

Your agency’s housing team has researched housing to find a safe, comfortable place for you to live. They also make every effort to accommodate your requests. If you prefer to live in a top-floor apartment because you work nights or would rather live in a basement so you can ride your bicycle every day, let the housing team know. Once the team has everything ready to go, they’ll send you an email to confirm the housing before making reservations.

You don’t have to worry about connecting utilities

RNnetwork’s housing team will make sure electricity, gas and water have all been connected before you move in. If something goes wrong when you get there, you can contact a member of the team instead of tracking down a landlord or getting in touch with the city for help.

You don’t have to bring furniture along

One of the biggest benefits to taking company-provided housing is living in a furnished apartment. RNnetwork’s housing includes a bed, dresser, nightstand, sofa, kitchen table and chairs, coffee table, and even a TV stand. You don’t have to find a place that includes furniture or buy it when you get there (or, worse, pack it in your car). You’ll need to bring a TV, linens and housewares, but check our guide and ask your recruiter what’s included.

You don’t have to deal with maintenance

Got a broken dishwasher or air conditioner? Rather than finding someone in your building to fix it or leaving messages for a landlord, call your housing team instead. A team member can connect directly with the leasing office and take care of any problems.

Whether you’re taking your first travel nurse assignment or tenth, it can be easier to let your agency find housing. Check out Seven Things to Expect in Travel Nursing Housing for more information.

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