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Why I Love Travel Nursing

Maybe you’re considering travel nursing because you want to see the country before picking somewhere to settle down. Perhaps you’re a new grad and want to gain experience by working in a variety of settings. Or maybe you’re longing for adventure and need to head to a brand-new area for a fresh start.

There are many reasons to give this career a try, but why not ask someone who’s been there before? See why these RNnetwork nurses take travel nursing jobs:

Nurse Pam BartowGetting out of your comfort zone

“Travel nursing is opening so many new challenges and opportunities for me. I am being stretched personally as well as professionally,” says Pam Bartow, an ER nurse from Georgia.

“I am honing skills that I’ve been lacking, and I learn so much from other people. I have the excitement and love of nursing back, and it is so much fun to be learning new things again.””

Read more about why Pam decided to try travel nursing.

Travel nurse Mark MoonBuilding your skill set

“I knew [travel nursing] was what I wanted to do, and I was fulfilling a dream. From a career perspective, I’ve learned many different ways of doing things — and it looks great on a resume,” says Pennsylvania native and ER nurse Mark Moon.

“The opportunities as a traveling nurse are endless; that’s a big reason why I chose to become a traveler.”

Find out what Mark likes best about being a nurse and the unique way he proposed to his girlfriend on his travel assignment!

Brenda ButlerFulfilling dreams as an empty-nester

“[My husband] is a travel CT scan tech, so we can’t always be together, but he’ll sometimes finish up an assignment and join me where I’m currently working,” says Brenda Butler, an ER nurse from Missouri.

“We both get to see different things and visit so many places. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon three times, learned to kayak, and even went to New York to see a Broadway play. Steve will ask, ‘What’s on your bucket list?’ and we’ll cross something off.”

See which travel nursing location is Brenda’s favorite.

Travel nurse Annette BauerCreating a more flexible work schedule

“Travel nursing has allowed me to grow into a very flexible, unshakable ‘MacGyver’ of nursing thanks to all of the amazing nurses I have worked with and learned from over the years,” ER nurse and Georgia native Annette Bauer says.

“My career affords [my husband and I] not only the financial means but also the extended time off every two to three years to fly to South Africa for 4-6 weeks to visit with my in-laws. I am such a lucky girl!”

Discover why Annette has been a travel nurse for more than 16 years.

Laurel DawsonFinding adventure in unexpected places

“I have gone swimming with sharks (yes, on purpose!), shed tears in Arlington National Cemetery as a U.S. veteran was laid to rest, watched the dying rituals of a Navajo Indian and ridden horseback in the Weminuche Wilderness, all thanks to travel nursing,” says Laurel Dawson, a hospice nurse.

“Traveling has made me realize that life is too short and precious to be unhappy. We should use the good china every day and make time for those who truly matter.”

Learn about Laurel’s relationship with her recruiter and coworkers and get her tips on making the most of your assignments.

Are you interested in trying something new and getting paid to travel the United States? Check out our open travel nursing jobs.

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