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Jake Shearer, travel nurseWhen you’re researching travel nursing agencies and trying to figure out which one fits you best, what do you look for?

High ratings among other travelers

“I chose to work with RNnetwork because it had a great reputation in the industry. I had looked on different travel nursing sites, and it always had been rated very highly,” travel nurse Becky Ouellette recalls. “I also had a couple of friends who had worked for RNnetwork, and they had said very, very positive things about it.”

Employees who care about nurses

“I love working with RNnetwork because everybody I’ve ever spoken to on the phone or in person has been so kind and helpful,” traveler Amanda Sweitzer says. “Everybody seems to care, and I can trust them. They just will go above and beyond to do anything for me. My recruiter is amazing, so I have no intentions of leaving.”

Recruiters who become your friends

“I really like my recruiter, Rachel, because she’s always staying in touch with me and making sure we’re both on the same page with my next assignment or how my assignment is going,” Jake Shearer, a med-surg travel nurse, says. “I just feel like she really cares and is there looking out for me.”

Whether you’re looking for travel nursing jobs in only one region of the country or want to travel to a new state every three months, a staffing agency can help you achieve your dreams.

See why these three travel nurses — Becky, Amanda and Jake — love working with RNnetwork in the video below, and check out their spotlights and videos as well.

Jake, Becky and Amanda were among the eight nurses who attended our recent nurse panel. Learn more about them (and the rest of the panelists) by checking out our travel nurse spotlight section.

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