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Traveler Spotlight: Kathy Stanley and Keith Whiley

20131119_Keith_KathySurgical technicians Kathy Stanley and Keith Whiley have been travelers for 10 years. During that time, they have covered a lot of territory, including Alaska, Arizona, California and Pennsylvania. We asked them a couple questions about their experiences.

RNnetwork: What has been your favorite place to take an assignment?

Kathy: Definitely Alaska. I’m a wildlife photographer in my spare time, and Keith loves fishing and hunting. Need we say more? Alaska has absolutely everything we could want, so we love it when we get to travel there.

RNnetwork: Do you have any advice for new traveling nurses?

Keith: Be patient, learn, listen and be confident of your expertise. Also, be willing to change. There is more than one way to do something.

Traveling is ideal for Kathy and Keith because they love having the time to discover new places — time they wouldn’t have on a short-term vacation.

Why do you enjoy working as a traveler?

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