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Travel Nurse Spotlight: Teresa Loves Working Jobs by the Ocean

Teresa loves working travel nursing jobs by the ocean

Do you fantasize about living on a houseboat and drifting off to sleep with the sound of ocean waves in your ears? Georgia native Teresa Hamilton is living that dream — as a travel nurse.

“Being able to work at a hospital so close to the ocean has been more like a vacation than a job,” Teresa says. “I have had so many experiences that have left me with great memories through my travel nursing jobs.”

Making the switch to travel nursing

With experience in both med/surg and critical care, Teresa enjoyed her career in nursing but was ready to try something new. She wanted to see the country and broaden her skills. A new opportunity came at the perfect time.

“I learned about travel nursing from a fellow traveler who was working on the same unit as I was. She made it sound so fun and easy to get started traveling,” Teresa recalls. “I’ve now been a travel nurse since 2010.”

Finding a travel nursing agency

Since she has nearly seven years of experience as a travel nurse, Teresa also knows what to look for in a staffing company. She found RNnetwork in 2015.

“I have worked with other agencies in the past, and I am so happy with RNnetwork,” Teresa says. “My recruiter, Malinda, has made traveling so easy. I know she is always right there if I need her.”

Exploring the country while gaining invaluable experience

Teresa says she enjoys being a nurse because she can help people and learn about how the body works. Her career as a travel nurse makes it even easier to learn new things.

“I became a traveler because it was such a great way to see different locations while working in different hospitals. I gain skills from each new experience,” Teresa says. “My favorite assignment so far has been a hospital on the coast of Georgia. Working in a tourist town offers me plenty of activities when I am not at work.”

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Enjoying your time as a travel nurse

Teresa’s advice for new travel nurses to pack light, get to know Google Maps, and have fun.

“The initial adjustment period is a tough challenge for a traveler,” Teresa says. “You must be open to change. Once you settle in, you make new lifelong friends.”

And Teresa says the money and chance to explore make the short assignments worth it.

“Traveling has allowed me to visit places I would not have been able to visit otherwise,” Teresa expresses. “It has also opened doors to nursing opportunities I never would have had.”

Make your dream of traveling — or living for months on a houseboat in the ocean — a reality! Check out our open travel nursing jobs.

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