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TikTok answers to travel nurse questions

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With more than 500 million users worldwide, TikTok is one of the hottest new social media platforms. It’s a forum where users can share 15- to 60-second videos of just about anything — from lip synching to dancing to question-and-answer videos. So it’s no surprise that travel nurses have embraced this platform as another way to share the travel nursing lifestyle. Here are a few TikToks made by travel nurses answering common questions about #travelnursing.

What is travel nursing?

For those wondering about how travel nursing works, @laughingbabe gives us a tour of what her house looks like while packing for a 13-week assignment. Then we get to see a few of the amazing places she’s traveled to — from island-hopping in Asia to motorcycle-riding in Nepal. She also shares another reason she loves travel nursing: she gets to meet the coolest people.


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How do I get a travel contract?

@laughingbabe also shares how she finds jobs, housing, and a network of nurses. She says Facebook is where many recruiters post travel nurse jobs, and once she secures an assignment she uses Airbnb or Furnished Finder to find housing nearby. The Gypsy Nurse is her go-to travel nurse community, and she says the best place to find new travel nurse friends to follow is #travelnurse.


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What do I wish I had known before becoming a travel nurse?

@travelnursetiktokaf has dedicated her feed to helping staff nurses transition to travel nursing. In this TikTok she talks about the importance of good benefits, a recruiter who will listen to you, what to pack, and what to expect when you embrace this unique lifestyle.


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What are the perks of being a travel nurse?

“You get to meet so many incredible people,” is the first item on @travelnursetiktokaf’s list of the perks of travel nursing. She goes on to share all the ways travel nursing can help you become a better nurse and a better human being while living your life the way you want. We won’t spoil her last perk, but you might relate!


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How much money do you make as a travel nurse?

@nurse.sibyl answers the number one question she gets as a travel nurse with a great overview of the different factors that can affect travel nurse pay. She answers a lot of other questions in her feed too like “How soon can I be a travel nurse?” and “Travel nursing, where to begin?”

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What is travel nurse scheduling and orientation like?

One TikToker asked @nurse.sibyl, “Are assignments all 12-hour shifts and are there weekend requirements, and what about orientation?” In this TikTok she share what a typical orientation is like for travel nurses and that you can apply for assignments with the shifts you prefer to work — whether it’s days, nights, or weekends.

@nurse.sibyl Reply to @monica_2597 remember that scheduling is negotiable! #travelnurse #travelnursing #nursesoftiktok #travelnurselife #nurselife ♬ original sound – Nurse Sibyl

TikTok is a fun way to get answers to almost any question you have on any travel nursing topic, and for new — or veteran! — nurses to get a laugh from others in the industry. Check out some of these hashtags: #nursesoftiktok, #travelnurselife, and #typesofnurses. You’ll be surprised at what you can find!

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