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7 travel nurse groups and influencers you should be following right now

No two travel assignments are the same, and many nurses love to share their stories and hear others’ in return. And with experiences as varied as the people donning the scrubs, you’re sure to be amused, entertained, and inspired by our top seven travel nursing groups, blogs, podcasts. If they’re not already on your list of favorites, you’ll want to follow them right now!

Travel nurse influencers - Travel Nursing Newbies

1. Travel Nursing Newbies

This private, moderated Facebook group is aimed at welcoming, informing, and conversing with nurses new to the travel nursing space. Travel Nursing Newbies has nearly 30,000 followers and is sponsored by highwayhypodermics.com. With the help of its moderators, contributors, and faithful followers, this group tackles a wide variety of topics, from working with agencies to how to prepare for an assignment. It’s fun, informative, and sales-free. It’s a great way for seasoned travelers to share their best practices and favorite stories about their profession with the next generation of travel nurses. Visit Travel Nursing Newbies

Travel nurse influencers - The Gypsy Nurse logo

2. The Gypsy Nurse

Guided by their “3 Cs” — Camaraderie, Collaboration, and Community — this private Facebook group of more than 114,000 members opens the conversation to topics that affect travel nurses of all levels of experience. While it does welcome healthcare facilities and staffing agencies among the followers, comments of an overtly salesy nature are strictly prohibited. Join The Gypsy Nurse

Passports and Preemies logo

3. Passports and Preemies

Kylee is a NICU nurse and Instagram influencer (@passportsandpreemies) with a serious love of nursing and solo travel. She started a blog to pass along her tips to fellow travelers and offer mentorship for those looking to take the leap into a travel nursing career. Travel nursing is Kylee’s answer to nurse burnout, and she uses her travel assignments as an opportunity to see the world. She hopes her blog encourages and motivates others to seek out travel nursing opportunities the world over. One unique tool this site offers is an explanation on how to achieve the “8-day vacay,” a way to experience destinations while on assignment without using PTO. She even has a dedicated COVID-19 page if you’re looking for a travel nurse perspective on the crisis. Read Passports and Preemies

Nurse Liz logo

4. Nurse Liz

Liz is a blogger, vlogger, Instagram influencer (@im.nurse.liz), Facebook group moderator, wife, and mom of two. Her site simply and creatively lays out the “adventures of a family nurse practitioner”, where she shares her experiences from her RN and FNP journey — everything from study tips and clinical references to favorite Amazon items and recipes. While Liz isn’t a travel nurse, she candidly talks about her profession in a way many followers have come to love and appreciate. She hosts twice-weekly YouTube videos: Tuesdays cover random topics from all aspects of work and life, and Saturday videos are dedicated to topics related to Liz’s career as an FNP. Follow Nurse Liz

Vintage Traveling Nurse logo

5. Vintage Traveling Nurse

This podcast is an extension of a blog created by travel nurse Mynoucka J. LaFalaise. Born and raised in Southwest Florida, Mynoucka (pronounced Minooshka) uses this platform to share her experiences as a travel nurse with experience in cardiac progressive care, med-surge, and med-surge telemetry. Mynoucka’s vision for the podcast is for it to be a hub of information for all things nursing, including nursing school, transitioning into a nursing career, and life as a travel nurse. Listen to Vintage Traveling Nurse

Amateur Traveler logo

6. Amateur Traveler

This award-winning podcast by Chris Christensen was started 15 years ago in 2005. It’s the only podcast on our list not specifically dedicated to covering the travel nurse career path, but the content available through podcast episodes, videos, and helpful tips makes this a must-visit resource for travel nurses hoping to make the most of their assignments. Chris is well traveled and studied, and he gives examples of his cherished learnings with tidbits like “in Swahili, the language uses the same word for guest and stranger. In Chinese the character for good is a woman with a baby.” He even has a COVID-19 episode with insights and his perspective on the pandemic. Follow the Amateur Traveler

Your Next Shift logo

7. Your Next Shift

Host Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, HNB-BC has hosted nearly 200 episodes since kicking off this podcast two years ago. The episodes run an average of 25 minutes each and cover topics ranging from career path guidance to handling clinical mistakes. She invites special guests from various nursing backgrounds, giving listeners a varied perspective on nursing life. Elizabeth even authored a book, titled Your Next Shift, filled with great advice on how to take your nursing career to the next level. Check out Your Next Shift

Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned traveler, these social groups, blogs, and podcasts just might be what the nurse ordered!

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