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How the RNnetwork referral program works

Nurses of all kinds have found career satisfaction thanks to RNnetwork’s extensive job opportunities. If you’re currently a travel nurse for RNnetwork — or simply know someone who would make a great traveler — you can refer travel nurse candidates to the company and get paid for successful referrals. Here’s what you need to know about the RNnetwork referral program.

How the RNnetwork referral program works

If you know of a nurse who is interested in traveling, you can refer him or her by going to the referral submission form on our website and following the prompts. If the nurse you refer meets all the qualifications and goes on assignment, you’ll get paid a referral bonus.

The referred candidate must be a registered nurse as well as a new contact for RNnetwork. This can get tricky since you might not know in advance if your referral is in the RNnetwork database. Keep in mind that anyone already in the company’s system will be considered ineligible for the program.

How much is the RNnetwork referral program bonus?

For each successful referral, you’ll receive $1,000. How you’re paid depends on whether or not you are currently traveling for RNnetwork. 

  • Referrers who are on assignment for RNnetwork at the time of bonus eligibility will receive the referral payment through their normal payroll. 
  • All others will have the bonus payment sent as a check through the mail.

Payment is sent within two weeks of the nurse you referred completing the first 30 days of their minimum eight-week placement.

What else you need to know

Anyone can refer a nurse — even if you’re not a nurse yourself

Even if you’re not a nurse, you may know someone who would thrive in a travel nursing position. Perhaps you know someone who is hungry for a change of pace or who wants to earn a lot of cash in a short amount of time. Maybe you’re currently traveling, and the adventures you’re documenting on social media have inspired a follower to pursue the option too.

Most anyone can refer someone to the RNnetwork referral program. The only exception is RNnetwork staff and their family members, who are not eligible for referral bonus payments.

The referred candidate must start an assignment within four months

After submitting your referral, the candidate will be invited to complete an application. In order to receive the referral bonus, the nurse you refer must start their first assignment within 120 days (four months) of being referred. 

The nurse you refer must complete a qualifying assignment

A qualifying assignment for the RNnetwork referral program must be at least eight weeks long. Longer assignments are also eligible, but shorter assignments won’t get you a referral bonus. Additionally, the referred nurse must work at least 30 days of that eligible assignment before the referral bonus is paid.

There are no limits to referral bonus earnings

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer to RNnetwork and be paid for. The wider you cast your net, the better the odds of receiving multiple referral bonus payments.

You can refer your own family members

The RNnetwork referral program accepts candidates who are family members, assuming all other prerequisites are also met.

Working with RNnetwork can be a family affair

Home health nurse Linda Russell had worked assignments with RNnetwork for years when her daughter Kylie graduated college and was looking for a change. Linda suggested Kylie look at RNnetwork, and now both mother and daughter are earning a paycheck thanks to RNnetwork and making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives. Learn more about their story in this video.

Refer your friends and family to RNnetwork

Our RNnetwork recruiters are ready to match your friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues with a rewarding travel nursing job. If you know someone who’d be a great travel nurse, refer them to RNnetwork today.

Please refer to the referral program’s details for additional terms and conditions before you make a submission. 

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