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Meet the 2017 RNnetwork Nurse of the Month Winners

We work with so many fantastic nurses that it would be impossible to pick favorites. But we’re going to do it anyway!

For the past few months, we’ve been giving Facebook and Instagram shout outs to some of our wonderful travel nurses who deliver great care, are passionate about what they do, and have a great time doing it.

Though we’ve singled out these travelers for some added attention, we are incredibly proud of all of our travelers and appreciate all that you do to take care of your patients.

December — Tylene

Tylene was a nurse for 21 years before she decided to try travel nursing.

“My children are grown with families of their own. I have been a supervisor and director of nursing for so long I wanted
to get back to bedside nursing, sharing knowledge with new staff and not having to worry about budgets and staffing,” she

“Since starting my travel assignments, I have learned so much with different EHR systems, new equipment, and working
with absolutely great professional teams that have the same mission and vision as I have — keeping patients first!”

She also loves her RNnetwork recruiter. “Having the greatest of recruiters, Nikki Joffe, has been a blessing with this new

November — Samantha 

RNnetwork Nurse of the Month - Samantha

Samantha has been a nurse for 17 years, including 10 years as a certified emergency nurse. “I have tried other areas but always come back to the ED,” she says.

“Travel Nursing gives me the opportunity to see the country while working — and not just for a week at a time. Thirteen weeks gives you great opportunities to really visit an area.”

She’s been traveling with RNnetwork for nearly three years. When she’s not working, she loves fishing, building door wreaths, and spending time with her family.

October — Deborah

RNnetwork Nurse of the Month - Deborah

Deborah has been a nurse for the past four years and started taking PCU travel nursing assignments in 2017.

When she’s not working, Deborah is quilting, crocheting, or doing a little glassblowing. “I love, love, love to travels,” she says.

Travel nursing not only allows her to see the country, it helped her support the family while her husband is in college.

“Now that he’s graduated, I have to remodel my kitchen. So I will keep traveling for a while!”

September — Traci

RNnetwork Nurse of the Month - Traci

Traci has been traveling with RNN two-and-a-half of her 24 years as a home health nurse.

“I wanted to become a travel nurse to experience my life after my kids flew the coup. I drove from Florida to the Bay Area on assignment and fell in love with seeing every part of each city in a way that locals never could,” she says. “I have fallen in love with San Diego and will likely never leave!”

San Diego is a perfect place for her, considering her hobbies include paddle boarding, walking and hiking with her rescued 12-year-old boxer, finding great places to eat, and watching the beautiful sunsets on Ocean Beach.

“A great big thank you to Ora Devito for recruiting me! It has changed my life in ways I cannot express!”

August — Amy

Amy has been working as a sterile processing technician for the past four years.

“I decided to travel to see different areas of our beautiful country and to save for my dream home,” she says.

The next thing on her bucket is to work in Texas. “I love the Dallas Cowboys so I hope to one day work the Dallas area so I can catch a home game.”

Outside of work, Amy loves to bike, hike, kayak, and hit the gym.

July — Tracey 

RNnetwork Nurse of the Month - Tracey

Tracey has been nursing for 30 years, working in PCU/Stepdown. She’s been working as a travel nurse for nearly 2 years.

“Traveling frees me up to explore different settings, meet new people and to stay relevant in this challenging, fast paced world of nursing!” she says.

June — Daniel 

RNnetwork Nurse of the Month - Daniel

Out of his six years as a nurse, Daniel has spent two of them with RNnetwork. He works in the ICU, preferably in trauma.

“I started travel nursing so that I’d have the freedom to travel on my time off in between assignments,” he says.

That scheduling flexibility has allowed him to do awesome things, like eat hotdogs in Reykjavik, Iceland.

He also uses his free time for backpacking, mountain biking, and mountaineering.

May — Jennifer

RNnetwork Nurse of the Month - Jennifer

Jennifer was our first-ever RNnetwork Nurse of the Month. She’s been an OR nurse for six years.

“I became a travel nurse to make more money, meet other nurses and see what the world has to offer!” she says.

She also loves to be on the beach, paddle boarding and eating great food.

If you haven’t tried traveling with RNnetwork, it’s not too late! Check out our open jobs across the country.

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