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3 reasons we loved TravCon 2018

RNnetwork team at TravCon 2018 with travel nurses

We laughed. We cried (with joy). We partied like Vegas VIPs. And that was just on Monday.

TravCon is the hottest conference for travelers, and this year’s convention did not disappoint. Here are our top three favorite moments from this year’s event.

1. Finding out why you love to travel

Why travel nurses like to travel

Whether it was your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, we loved meeting all the amazing travel nurses at this year’s conference. What you do matters, so we wanted to learn more about why you choose to travel. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • “Why not!! Fun to meet new people and learn new ways to do the same job.”
  • “Because it’s an adventure.”
  • “Freedom and money.”
  • “Flexibility.”
  • “Get paid to be on vacation!”
  • “New opportunities helping others.”

2. Swag, swag and more swag!

There was so much swag that travelers needed multiple bags just to hold it all. We may be a bit biased, but the swag at our booth was top-notch, including KISS-OFF stain removal sticks (seriously, this stuff gets out any stain) and a giveaway to win a cruise for two to the Bahamas. A big shout out to Phyllis, who won the cruise!

3. VIP, baby!

Michael Jackson impersonator and travel nurses in Las Vegas

You know you’re a VIP when you’re partying with the King and Queen of Pop. More than 400 travelers along with Michael Jackson and Madonna (…impersonators) joined us in the Bally’s penthouse suite for an unforgettable party. You know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays on Instagram.


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See you next year!

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