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Travel nursing 101: All about the paperwork

What paperwork do I need for travel nursing job

So you’re considering life as a travel nurse? Congratulations! You are about to embark on an adventure that will change your life. You’ll learn new skills, meet new people, and discover places you never expected to visit. Most of all, you’ll make a difference in the lives of your patients.

Getting started

Before you embark on your first assignment, you’ll need to complete the online application and RNnetwork credentialing process. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, but it’s worth it. Just ask any of the thousands of travel nurses we’ve put to work over the past 20 years!

Here’s a brief overview of each of the forms you’ll need to complete and why.

General application

Completing the online application is the first step to getting you ready to work. Your responses will give us everything we need to start the credentialing process.

At a minimum, you should complete the required fields for all 14 sections. Partial or incomplete responses slow things down, so the more information you can provide up front, the quicker we can wrap up the credentialing process.

We’ll ask you questions about:

  • Your education and training
  • Certifications
  • The medical systems you have experience with
  • Your licenses
  • Work history (including explanations of any gaps)
  • Your clinical skills
  • Professional liability coverage and malpractice claims (if any)
  • Actions and sanctions (if any)
  • Your health status

You’ll also be asked to provide at least two professional references within your specialty who have supervised your clinical work during the past year (such as a nurse manager, supervisor, or charge nurse). Be sure to let your references know in advance that RNnetwork will be contacting them, so they expect it and will respond in a timely manner.

Supplemental forms

What paperwork do I need for travel nursing job

Depending on the assignment, your recruiter may send you additional forms as well. Here’s what you need to know about completing each form.

Background check release: Be sure to provide all residential addresses for the past seven years. Plus, if you lived at any of the locations under other names or aliases, provide that information as well to prevent delays in the background check process.

Physical exam form: Some healthcare facilities require that you get a physical by a physician or licensed practitioner. If you haven’t had a physical recently, it’s a good idea to complete this form even if it’s not required for your current assignment. You may need it in the future.

TB/PPD form: This screening questionnaire is needed if you have a history of positive PPD. It is used to confirm that there is no evidence of contagium. Typically, it isn’t required if you have no history of TB/PPD.

Hepatitis B Immunization: Complete this form to declare your immunization status for Hepatitis B. Some facilities will only accept a blood draw, but it’s a good idea to have your declaration on file with RNnetwork.

Reference Sheet: This form helps us collect clinical performance information from your professional references. Complete the top portion of the form and sign the bottom, then we’ll ask your references to complete the evaluation portion and provide comments.

We make it easy

It may feel like there are a lot of things to do before you can go on your first assignment, but your recruiter and the entire RNnetwork team are here to help. We’ll provide you with as much support and guidance as you need. It won’t be long before you are enjoying all the benefits travel nursing has to offer!

Ready to get to work? Start an application or give us a call at 800.866.0407.

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