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RNnetwork president discusses primary issues impacting nurses’ mental health

Lynne Gross

In the mental health resource guide for Elite Healthcare, Lynne Gross, president of RNnetwork, examined the top three issues that are having a negative impact on nurses’ mental health and causing many to consider changing careers. The topic of mental health in the medical industry came to focus after a study conducted among nurses by RNnetwork revealed common challenges across the field.

“Overall, and perhaps most pressing for the industry, 35 percent of nurses reported that the state of their mental health had negatively impacted their work,” Gross shares.

According to the article, two of the three main issues are connected to understaffing at hospitals across the country.

“Understaffing negatively affected workloads for 88 percent of nurses in 2018, up significantly from 62 percent reported in 2016,” Gross writes. “This widening gap impacts both mental health of nurses and patient care, as more than half (54 percent) reported their workload had negatively impacted their mental health, and 62 percent believed the shortage was diminishing the quality of care they could provide.”

Read the full article here.

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Paige White

Paige White is a public relations specialist for RNnetwork. She is passionate about helping others share their unique stories, both in her career and in her community.


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