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5 holiday gifts for the travel nurse in your life

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It’s the season of giving! Whether you’re looking for practical gifts for a travel nurse in your life or you’re a traveler who struggles with giving your loved ones ideas of what to get you, this list is perfect for some inspiration!

Our holiday gift guide is full of practical items that nurses will actually use, and everything can be found on Amazon if you’re a last-minute shopper. Here are five items every travel nurse will appreciate.

1. Under-scrubs

Perfect to wear under your scrubs during the winter months or year-round if you’re a cold-natured person. Under-scrubs can be purchased individually or in packs of two or three. They are also available in a variety of colors, compression, and moisture-wicking levels.

2. Badge reel lip-balm holder

Perfect to have on hand and a necessity when you’re working long 12-hour shifts inside of a dry hospital. These lip-balm holders are easily attached to your badge reel and can be found in multiple different prints and colors.

3. Flashlight clip

The nightshift nurse’s best friend! This flashlight clip can be worn on the collar of your scrub top and allows you to stealthily round on your patients during the night without waking them up.

4. Phone tripod or selfie stick

We travelers are adventure-seekers, but sometimes our pals are working or we’re on contract solo. Tripods and selfie sticks are a practical gift that any photo-loving travel nurse will get use out of. Tripods can be easily set up with your camera phone to snap a memorable photo of you on your incredible hikes, beach days, and fun activities in between.

5. Gift card for scrubs or shoes

Nursing, but make it fashion. We may not dress up in business casual for the typical 9 – 5, but it doesn’t mean we don’t like to feel good while looking good going in for our shifts. There are many nursing uniform websites that have an array of style selections.

And when it comes to shoes, there’s just as much variety as scrubs, if not more. Your nurse may prefer running shoes, clogs, water-resistance shoes, or a focused type of foot support. Hoka, Brooks, Clove, and Crocs are brands that are all the craze in healthcare right now.

Since scrubs and shoes can be pricey, the gift card route can be an excellent way to help your traveler towards a purchase they’ll love. It also removes the pressure of selecting a style or color you’re not sure they’ll like. Giving them a gift card will allow them to choose whatever they’ll feel great in.

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Jennifer Vu

Jennifer Vu is a passionate travel nurse whose goal is to experience as many new cities and cultures as she can while growing her skillset as a nurse. When she’s not taking care of patients, you can find her outdoors hiking, hanging out at the beach, or searching for the best pastries in her new town.


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