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Five Things to Do With Your Stuff after a Travel Nursing Job

Woman packingYou pack your car full with clothes, bedding, pots and pans, utensils, cleaning supplies, towels, and even a vacuum for travel nursing jobs. If you’re taking a break in between assignments or only working occasionally, it’s hard to know what to do with all your gear. Here are five suggestions to help you downsize:

Donate items you can easily replace

Sheets, towels, shower curtains, trash cans and kitchen items like plates and cups are inexpensive to buy and can take up valuable space in your car. Instead of packing them all into your trunk, donate them to a thrift store, homeless shelter or charity in the area.

Lend gear to another travel nurse in the area

If you plan to return to that hospital or city in a few months and don’t want to lug all your supplies back home, get in touch with another travel nurse in the area to see if he/she could use a few things or store them for you. You’ll help a friend out and save time and money by not having to take everything home again.

Give things you don’t need to a staff nurse

You often make lasting friendships at the facilities where you work and learn a lot about the nurses and technicians you spend shifts with. Why not donate some of your gear to a coworker who could use it instead of packing it back into your car? If no one you work with can personally use anything, see if they have a friend or family member in need that might want some gently used towels or sheets.

Take leftover food to a local food bank

Cans of food and boxes of snacks can take up a room and may expire before you can eat them all (especially if you won’t be traveling again immediately). Rather than save them for a future assignment or bring them back home, take all unopened packaged food to a nearby food bank. If you have perishable items such as meat and cheese that you can’t safely transport home, see if a soup kitchen or homeless shelter will accept them.

Use packing and unpacking as a chance to declutter

Do your spring cleaning before the end of your travel assignment. When you pull clothes out and realize they don’t fit anymore or aren’t flattering, put them in a box and donate them to a shelter or a thrift store. Throw away pieces that are stained or torn, or use them as rags to clean your house. If you update your phone or get a new laptop, clean your files off the old one and either sell it or donate it. You’ll find that decluttering as you go along will make a big difference when you have to pack up your car again and head home.

While it’s never fun to fill boxes and bags with your belongings for an extended road trip, these tips can make the transition between travel nursing jobs a bit easier. Share your suggestions for packing and dejunking below!

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