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Clinical help for travel nurses: Meet our clinical nurse liaisons

Did you know that RNnetwork provides clinical help for travel nurses? We have a team of full-time clinical nurse liaisons (CNLs) whose only job is to help you with credentialing, testing, and any clinical questions that might come up while you’re on assignment. Meet our CNLs: Christy Copenski, Roger Dulude, and Debi Scarola!

Christy Copensky

Christy Copensky

Along with her work as a nurse liaison with RNnetwork, Christy has been a progressive care nurse for patients with stroke and neurological issues for over five years. She loves the fact that as a practicing nurse she’s able to be on the frontlines of healthcare. “That helps a lot. It is a benefit for the nurses when they have somebody talking to them who understands the challenges they are facing doing bedside nursing,” she says.

Christy’s number one priority is to ensure the nurses she works with are set up for success and placed in assignments that suit their needs, which involves a deep dive into their work history and types of facilities they’ve worked in. “It bothers me when I hear of a nurse who dreads going to work every day. That’s definitely not something I want to hear from them,” she says. “My goal is to make sure they are being put in a place where they’re set up to be able to successfully complete their assignment, where they enjoy going to work every day.”

Christy is a Miami native, but received her RN degree at Arizona State. Although she’s back in Florida, she longs for the dry heat of Arizona. “One hundred percent I would move back to Arizona in a heartbeat, if I could. I miss the mountains and the triple-digit heat.” She loves to travel and enjoys cooking for friends and family.

Roger Dulude

Roger Dulude

Roger has been a registered nurse for more than 30 years. He was in the geotechnical business when the industry went through a big downturn in the 1980s. There was a nursing school right next door to his home in Texas, and that gave him an idea. “Well, I can either do nothing and sit on the couch, or I can do something different with my life.”

His neighbor talked him into giving nursing school a try, and Roger found himself on a wonderful new career path. “It just seemed like an ideal profession.”

In his off hours, Roger is something of an expert in classic sound gear and has a love for high performance speakers and vintage tube and analog audio components.

Debi Scarola

Debi Scarola

Debi has been a registered nurse for more than 20 years. Since she joined the RNnetwork team, working with new travelers is one of the things she loves best about her job.

“It’s a little bit different from being a nurse. Rather than being here to provide care for patients, I’m here to be an advocate for the nurses. My role is to help you through the process of becoming a traveler and successfully completing an assignment.”

For two years, Debi worked as a travel nurse herself, so she knows from personal experience how it feels to be out there on assignment. “It’s like being a guest in the hospital’s home. We speak your language. When questions come up that your recruiter can’t answer, you can call us directly to troubleshoot a clinical situation on the floor.”

About the clinical nursing liaison team

Together, our clinical nursing liaison team has over 75 years of hands-on nursing experience, so there’s a lot more to their typical work day than we’ve covered here.

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Roger, Debi, and Christy have a lot to say about being part of the RNnetwork team.

Roger says, “We’re a family here and we celebrate our successes together. Everybody’s a team, everybody’s concerned about each other, and we try to spread that to our providers in the field, and to our clients. So when they call RNnetwork they know they’re dealing with people who like their jobs, who like where they work, and are committed to pushing for that sort of tenth level on everything to make sure that there’s success out there.”

Debi echoes that sentiment in her own way. “I had a calling to become a nurse. In nursing school, they taught us to treat the patient like a family member. That’s where my empathy comes from, because I know those nurses are out there to take care of another human being. We pick the best of the best. We have people here who care about you, and we want to make sure you’re positioned to do your best work so that the patient care is excellent.”

Christy also appreciates the fact that she works for a company which truly cares for their nurses. “At RNnetwork, we’re really trying to do what’s best for our nurses. I think that’s something that sets us apart from other companies and is one of the beneficial things of working with our network. We don’t want to place our nurses in an assignment that’s not right for them; we genuinely care about their success.”

To learn more about our clinical nurse liaison team, or to explore travel nursing jobs, give us a call at 800.866.0407.

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