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Best travel nursing companies to work for

RNnetwork is one of the nation’s largest travel nursing companies and is recognized as the industry’s gold standard. Our goal is to be known as one of the best travel nursing companies to work for, and we’re relentless about helping each nurse find the salary, shift and setting that best serves their needs.

We strive to be a committed partner to the skilled, hard-working travel nurses we serve, and the kind reviews our nurses share about their experience with RNnetwork are gratifying:

“I chose to work with RNnetwork because they have a great reputation in the industry. RNnetwork is rated very highly on travel nursing sites. They have a great benefit package and a lot of assignments – a lot more assignments than companies I worked for in the past. I feel like I made a great choice. I’ve been treated like gold with RNnetwork.”

“I really like my recruiter because she’s always staying in touch with me and making sure we’re both on the same page with my next assignment or how my assignment is going. I feel like she really cares and is there looking out for me. I’m happy I get to work with RNnetwork.”

While we hope to be the healthcare staffing partner for every individual considering travel nursing, we know information is your most valuable asset when making employment decisions.

We’ve put together some facts and sample reviews on several reputable travel nursing companies to help you in your search. We gathered this information from each company’s website and reviews posted on Best of Staffing, Facebook, Travel Nurse Source and TravelNursingBlogs.com.

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Five of the country’s best travel nursing companies

1. RNnetwork

Founded in 1998, and a recipient of the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, RNnetwork focuses exclusively on travel nursing. We offer the friendly, personal service of a small company with the benefits, resources and stability of our strong, established parent company – CHG Healthcare. Our recruiters are skilled across all nursing specialties and handle all details, from credentials and licensing to housing and travel arrangements.

What people say about RNnetwork:

““I love working with RNnetwork because everybody I’ve spoken with on the phone or in person has been so kind and helpful. Everyone seems to care and I can trust them. They go above and beyond to do anything for me. I really like my recruiter because she is always available to me when I need her. She listens to me. I have questions – she finds the answer if she doesn’t know it. She’s helpful. She’s very approachable. She cares about me.”

2. American Mobile

Founded in 1985 as a travel nursing company, American Mobile offers more opportunities for nursing job seekers, and more nurses for healthcare facilities, than any other travel nursing company. American Mobile is a company of AMN Healthcare – the nation’s largest provider of clinical staffing services. American Mobile was recognized by The Joint Commission with their Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services in 2005.

What people say about American Mobile:

“I would give my recruiter Jenna Scaduto ten stars if possible. She goes above and beyond her job requirements to assure I am satisfied with my traveling assignments. Jenna always quickly responds back to my calls/emails/texts, and I feel she is very approachable and available. She truly is the reason why I’ve stayed with AMN for three years and I look forward to continuing my traveling experience with her as my recruiter.”

3. Cross Country TravCorps

Cross Country TravCorps is one of the leading suppliers of travel healthcare professionals in the country, with opportunities for registered nurses, rehabilitation therapists, laboratory technicians, and other specialists. Cross Country has relationships with more than 2,500 healthcare facilities across the U.S. and the Caribbean. Cross Country was the first public company to receive Joint Commission Certification through the Healthcare Staffing Services Certification Program, and also earned the Best of Staffing® Award for providing remarkable service quality.

What people say about Cross Country:

“My recruiters have been unbelievably supportive throughout this whole experience; I’m very impressed with the level of professionalism that my recruiters hold, and how they are always quick to get back to me with any questions or issues I have.”

“I’ve been traveling with cross country for 4 years now and I’ve had so many good experiences with them. My recruiter is awesome!! And so are the rest of the people I’ve worked with. Any and all issues that I’ve had have been quickly resolved and they keep me working in amazing locations, which has allowed me to meet amazing people and have great experiences.”

4. Fastaff Travel Nursing

Fastaff Travel Nursing pioneered the practice of Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing and has grown into a leading provider of urgent and crucial temporary nurses to help hospitals provide continuous patient care. Fastaff partners with many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare facilities – as well as small community hospitals – to meet acute healthcare staffing needs and provide round-the-clock patient care.

Fastaff earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, a place on SIA’s 2016 Largest U.S. Staffing Firms list, #4 on SIA’s 2016 Fastest Growing U.S. Staffing Firms and #8 on Colorado’s Top Workplaces.

What people say about Fastaff:

“I enjoy working for Fastaff for the interesting and diverse experiences it has afforded in me in my nursing career. During my current assignment, I have been able to work on my personal goal of paying off my student loans completely and beginning to save for a Master’s program in the coming years.”

“Excellent company that cares about their employees. I have been working with Fastafff since October and they have been very appreciative of my work. I am dedicated to doing an excellent job in the Operating Room and they are very appreciative of the work I do.”

5. Medical Staffing Network Travel

Medical Staffing Network Travel is a comprehensive healthcare staffing company that provides travel nursing, allied healthcare, pharmacy, clinical research, anesthesia, advanced practice and case management professionals through a network of 70+ locations. Medical Staffing Network Travel earned the Best of Staffing® Award for providing remarkable service quality.

What people say about Medical Staffing Network Travel Nursing:

“I have had nothing but positive experiences. I have referred all my friends and fellow classmates to MSN for positions with our company and wish them well”

“I have been treated very well by MSN staff, and by my nurse recruiter. My experience working for MSN has been rewarding.”

How to get started finding the best travel nursing company for you

For personalized information and recommendations tailored to your needs, reach out to an RNnetwork consultant. We’re always on call. We’d love to hear from you, and would be delighted to assist you as you start your journey in travel nursing.

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