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2020 RNnetwork Traveler of the Month winners

RNnetwork works with the best travelers in the country (and probably the world). Each month we recognize one of them with the RNnetwork Traveler of the Month award.

Here’s a little bit about each of our 2020 winners.

March: Clinton Ray

Clinton has been an LPN for 23 years and has been traveling with RNnetwork for one year. He currently specializes in outpatient clinics but has served in prisons, nursing homes, schools, and home health settings.

Traveling has allowed Clinton to enjoy new experiences and impact even more lives, which is important to him. There are certain moments that have defined his career, especially when he has had a direct impact on saving people’s lives. Clinton has performed the Heimlich maneuver three times and started CPR once. These moments help him to remember why he chose this career.

Clinton enjoys sports, movies, and finding new adventures in his spare time. He is grateful for his RNnetwork recruiter, Natalia, who he describes as “beautiful inside and out.” “Natalia is the hardest working, most proactive recruiter I’ve ever had,” shares Clinton. With Natalie’s assistance, Clinton looks forward to traveling more in the future.

Clinton’s Travel Pledge

I will always do as expected in carrying out my duties. I will never shirk my responsibilities. I will always follow policy and protocol whether I agree with it or not. My performance will make RNnetwork proud of me, the facilities happy with me, and their clients saying, “What an awesome nurse!” So, it’s not about me; it’s more about how my day at work goes and what I did to make someone’s day.

January: George Cox

George has been traveling with RNnetwork as an ICU nurse on and off for five years in between breaks for other duties, including military obligations. “As a member of the military, sometimes things come up without a lot of advanced notice,” explains George. “The RNN staff make it an easy process.”

Travel nursing has given George the flexibility to serve those that protect our country. He spent a year in a combat support hospital in Afghanistan and says it was the most impactful experience of his career. “People often ask what my favorite part of nursing is,” shares George. “I can tell them very easily and without hesitation, there is absolutely nothing better in the world than taking care of service men and women in harm’s way and making sure they go home to their families.”

When he’s not serving others, George enjoys hiking, photography, and living like a local. He feels that it is important to make the most of each assignment and can often be found exploring local communities. “I like being in new places and learning new ways of doing things,” shares George. “I feel that it makes me a well-rounded asset for the hospital I am working for.”

George’s Travel Pledge

I show up for my scheduled shifts, help out where and when needed, do my job to the best of my ability with a smile on my face, and treat patients and their families how I would want to be treated.

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Paige White

Paige White is a public relations specialist for RNnetwork. She is passionate about helping others share their unique stories, both in her career and in her community.


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