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10 best publications for nurses

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When you’re on the go, it can be hard to stay up to date on the latest nursing news and know what’s most important to read. With so many nursing journals and websites out there, which ones should you check out? Here’s our list of the ten best nursing publications.

1. American Nurse Today. This is the official journal of the American Nurses Association, published monthly. American Nurse Today offers nurses clinical tips, articles on career advancement, practice updates, drug updates, and continuing education information.

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2. Applied Nursing Research. With features such as an “Ask the Experts” section, book reviews, editorials, clinical methods, and research briefs, this open-access, peer-reviewed journal presents information for all nursing specialties. Topics include nursing diagnoses, nurse/physician collaboration, patient education, and even job stress.

3. Clinical Simulation in Nursing. The official journal of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) offers subscribers monthly articles from research, practice, teaching, and management perspectives. You’ll find articles on simulation and technology, as well as posts about guidelines and policies impacting nursing and healthcare practice.

4. International Journal of Nursing. Dedicated to providing an international forum for researchers from different countries to study the impact of culture on nursing, the International Journal of Nursing offers peer-reviewed, open-access articles about nursing education and healthcare delivery, management, organization, policy, and research.

5. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Readers who subscribe to this international, peer-reviewed journal have access to research papers on nursing and midwifery practice, management, education, and policy. The Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) promotes internationally relevant nursing research and scholarship and publishes only papers that meet that criteria.

6. Lippincott Nursing. Launched in 1979, Lippincott Nursing is an award-winning publication and peer-reviewed journal providing industry-specific information for nurses in every field. There are articles on a comprehensive range of subjects like clinical information on drugs, diseases care strategies, and legal and ethical issues.

7. Medscape Nurses Journal. Medscape is a premier publication for healthcare professionals. This online magazine is Medscape’s nurse-specific publication, offering the latest medical news from the industry’s subject-matter expert contributors. You can also find drug and disease information, with continuing education information and healthcare policy news.

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8. Minority Nurse Magazine. This publication caters specifically to the needs of minorities in the nursing and healthcare fields and is the home of the largest dedicated diversity nursing job board. You’ll find plenty of career-advancing resources, scholarship information, certification and exam prep, and industry-targeted events and webinars.

9. Nursing Times. Launched in 1905, this magazine offers articles dedicated to helping nurses improve their practice, keeping you up to date on nursing and healthcare policy and practice. You’ll find resources to help support you with your career and professional development with user-friendly online learnings.

10. Scrubs Magazine. This online publication is loaded with personal and professional healthcare news for nurses. Scrubs Magazine follows the latest nursing trends on social media and is filled with career advice, inspiring and light-hearted nursing stories, and fun fashion tips.  

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