RN-Telemetry Travel Nursing Opportunity Available in Elmira, NY

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Job 1119145

Job Location Elmira, NY

  • Pay Rate $2,499 weekly Compensation info Provider employee compensation offers are formulated according to skill level, experience, and qualifications. In addition to taxable hourly wage, provider employees may qualify to receive non-taxable daily lodging and meals and incidental per diems not to exceed published General Services Administration (GSA) guidelines for per diem travel rates specific to agreed upon temporary assignment dates and worksite locations. Other benefits may include travel or license reimbursement. Please speak with a Recruiter for additional details.
  • $25 - $31 hourly pay range
  • $1,342 - $1,640 stipend

Job Shift 7:00 PM - 07:00 AM

Job Duration 13 weeks

Benefits of RNnetwork
  • Customized benefits package with the pay and insurance coverage you need, beginning day one
  • Paid private housing and utilities, and reimbursement for travel
  • Reimbursement for licensing and certification
Job description

Telemetry nursing is a dynamic specialty focusing on patients with critical, complex conditions. Your expertise in monitoring vital signs and intervening as necessary is invaluable in ensuring patient well-being and recovery.

Elmira, NY, offers a quaint, community-focused environment that's perfect for relaxation after a shift. The area boasts beautiful parks, historic landmarks, and a cozy downtown, making it an attractive destination for traveling nurses.

This Telemetry nursing job offers a night shift, promising $2,499 per week. Your role will involve dedicated patient care during the hours of 7 pm - 7 am. Travel nursing is a rewarding and exciting career path, and RNnetwork has the best recruiters and support in the industry. We do our very best to get you the pay, location, schedule, and setting you want.