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Why Travel Nurses Enjoy Working with RNnetwork

Leah, an ICU nurse from Florida, travels with RNnetwork

Are you interested in working as a travel nurse but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? We asked several travel nurses what they like about their assignments — and what keeps them coming back.

Adventure and growth opportunities

“They say that those who don’t travel only have one chapter in their book. I want to have many chapters in my life to tell my kids about,” Catalina, a NICU nurse from Connecticut, shares. “My husband and I are very adventurous, and I want lots of experiences to learn. That’s why I became a travel nurse.”

Working in a variety of settings

“I worked at the trauma center and treated a man who dove into the water at the beach and became paralyzed. The doctors said he wasn’t going to walk again,” Leah, an ICU nurse from Florida, recalls. “As a float nurse, I took care of him in the ICU and then happened to float to step-down while he was there. One night they floated me to rehab and he was there — and almost walking. Now he’s walking and riding a bike, and I can see that I made a difference. I never get to see that with ICU patients.”

Enjoying a change of pace

“I was an operating room nurse for 25 years and an interventional radiology nurse for 10. Raising my child alone after my divorce, I always had travel nursing in the back of my mind,” Lisa, an IR nurse, says. “After many years, I finally decided to do it. I’d had enough of working full time in a hospital, and working full time as a travel nurse is a totally different experience. I look at it as an adventure.”

Want even more reasons to try travel nursing? Watch this video featuring a few of the nurses we hosted at our panel in January. You can also check out our open travel nursing jobs for one that fits you best.

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