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Video: Improving Your Clinical Skills as a Travel Nurse

Veteran travel nurse Karen Leitnaker had just completed her nursing degree when she was deployed as an army medic to Iraq, treating women and children there on several humanitarian missions because male nurses and physicians were not allowed to care for them.

“I was able to do more as an army medic than I do even now as an emergency room nurse,” Karen recalls. “I watched a women’s clinic open there and had a lot of freedom to practice skills and learn new things.”

When she returned from Iraq, the wanderlust stayed with her, and she discovered travel nursing jobs were a great way to continue exploring the country while growing her nursing career.

Learn more about Karen’s story in the video below!

Karen was one of eight nurses who attended our recent nurse panel. Look for a spotlight about her experiences coming soon — and check out panelist Gabrielle Reed’s story about how taking travel nursing jobs is helping her become more confident.

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