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6 travel nurses to follow on Instagram

With travel nursing, you get to go on amazing adventures across the country – this means helping people in need and getting paid to explore, but it also means having great content for Instagram. Just another benefit of #travelnurselife! Need some travel nursing inspiration? Here are six travel nurses to follow on Instagram right away.


Travel nurses to follow on Instagram

Okay, we’re a little bit upset we didn’t come with this handle ourselves. Leah has great photos from all over the country and the world. Mardi Gras in New Orleans? A cat café in Minneapolis? Fantastic hikes? She’s got it all. As a bonus, her captions are full of great travel stories and tips.


Travel nurses to follow on Instagram

Chelsea is a nurse for RNnetwork, and in addition to showing her adventures outside of work, she’s got photos that show just how much being on the job can be! From her Christmas present delivery to her “Superhero Headquarters” (the nurse’s station), she never has a slow day while travel nursing.


Travel nurses to follow on Instagram

One of the great benefits of travel nursing is that you have the flexibility to take fabulous international vacations, and Julie shows this off on her Instagram. Last year, she went to Iceland, Prague, Tunisia, Belgium, Portugal, and more. Plus, that doesn’t even mention all of her adventures in the States. Follow her, but get ready for a serious travel bug.


Travel nurses to follow on Instagram

Paul has photos from across the world, and he clearly has a photographer’s eye. There’s a humpback whale mid-breach in Hawaii, and an amazing sunset on the beach with equally bright colors on a sunny but snowy hike. Follow him for the photography tips in addition to the travel ideas!


Travel nurses to follow on Instagram

J-Bomb seems to be in a new place every day! One day she’s by the Golden Gate Bridge, the next she’s in Wyoming. Plus, she has amazing stories about the patients she has met along her journey of travel nursing.


Travel nurses to follow on Instagram

Sandy has the same great travel photos as the other nurses on the list, but she also posts some great inspirational messages for nurses. If you need ideas for traveling, follow her. If you need some travel nursing inspiration when you’ve had a rough day, definitely follow her.

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Travel nurses are heroes, but they also have a ton of fun! To be on lists like this in the future, tag your posts with #rnnetwork. And to become a travel nurse so you can have similar adventures, contact RNnetwork today (855.289.9766).

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