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Top scrubs for nurses in 2021 (and why these nurses love them)

Nurse wearing one of the top five scrubs for nurses

Scrubs. As a nurse you have to wear them, and when you work 12- to 15-hour shifts you want to be as comfortable as possible in your uniform. We asked RNnetwork nurses to share their favorite scrubs in terms of price, style, fabric type, and fit. Here are our nurse-recommended 2021 picks for the top scrubs for nurses.

1. FIGS Zamora Jogger Scrub Pants

FIGS Zamora Jogger Scrub Pants

“My favorite brand of scrubs is FIGS — especially their jogger pants,” says PCU nurse Isabelle Rajan. “FIGS are so comfy and also really flattering. They always come out with new, fun colors and styles.”

Telemetry nurse Maggie Lumpkin also prefers FIGS’ joggers for the exceptional quality: “They are flattering and very professional looking. I also have had the same pairs for over a year and they have kept their high quality.”

Best Reviews’ Best Scrubs for Women survey found that overall, FIGS were voted Best Quality and a “worthwhile investment in your medical career wear.” A few factors add up to making these joggers a favorite among nurses, including FIGS’ proprietary FIONx fabric, six pockets, four-way stretch, and yoga-style elastic waistband. FIGS scrubs are also made with antimicrobial fabric to combat hospital-related germs, and with wrinkle- and odor-free properties.

2. Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

MedSurg/telemetry nurse Shannon Yarnoff prefers Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy line for the fit: “They are super comfortable and flattering!”

Scrubs from Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy line was recently rated 10/10 by BestProductReviews.com for their moisture-wicking properties, timeless fashion, and fit designed for comfort and ease during lengthy 12-hour shifts.

Progressive care nurse Christy Copensky also loves Grey’s Anatomy scrubs because she can customize the fit of her tops. She likes them for practical reasons, too. “For scrub tops, I choose Grey’s Anatomy. I find that they are flattering on all body types and have an adjustable band around the upper rib cage to make them more fitted if necessary. For women, scrubs can be very boxy and I find that the Grey’s Anatomy brand is comfortable, stylish, and flattering. They stand up to hundreds of washes and are easy maintenance when it comes to wrinkles.”

3. Landau Proflex Women’s 3-Pocket Mock Wrap Neck Scrub Top

Landau Proflex Women's 3-Pocket Mock Wrap Neck Scrub Top

Rachel W. is a nurse who prefers the classic Landau brand based on ease of wear: “I wear Landau classics because they are comfortable and great quality. I can move in them when working without worrying about them tearing or being too tight or loose.”

Known for fade-resistant fabric and shape retention, Landau creates sturdy scrubs with a modern fit without limiting movement — essentials for a nurse on the go.

4. Healing Hands Athletic Raglan V-Neck Top

Healing Hands Athletic Raglan V-Neck Top

MedSurg/telemetry nurse Sierra Newberry says she prefers Healing Hands scrubs. “My favorite scrubs are Healing Hands! I love those scrubs because they literally feel like PJs. So if I’m going to be at work for 12 plus hours, best believe I’m gonna be comfortable!”

Progressive care nurse Christy Copensky also likes Healing Hands for the accessible and comfortable aspects of the Athletic line. “The under scrubs from Healing Hands, and their active brand scrub pants are incredibly comfortable, have multiple pockets to put things in, and are flattering. They are breathable while you’re working in them for 12+ hours.”

Healing Hands scrubs are known for their modern fit, reflective detailing, and zipper pockets.

5. Dickie’s Women’s EDS Signature Pull-On Scrub Pants

Dickie’s Women's EDS Signature Pull-On Scrub Pants

Some of the best scrubs for nurses are the classics. Dickie’s is a brand almost everyone is familiar with; they have been manufacturing uniforms of all kinds for a century. Simply stated, Dickie’s does it all.

Neonatal ICU nurse Michele Schempp agrees: “They fit well, wash well, and hold their color. They don’t wear out.”

Dickie’s scrubs cover all the bases with a comfortable fabric blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester and accessories to make even the most hectic schedule feel like a breeze, such as D-rings on pockets, badge holders, and pockets. In fact, Dickie’s were rated in a 2020 survey of top-ten scrubs brands for the extra pockets on their scrubs and overall durability.

6. Maevn Blossom 1202 3 Pocket V-Neck Top

Maevn Blossom 1202 3 Pocket V-Neck Top

MedSurg ICU nurse Rachael Ballard swears by Maevn scrubs. “The reason I love them so much is because they are made of comfortable and stretchy cotton and polyester fabric; they come in a variety of colors and sizes; they are affordable; and the pants have a drawstring waist that can be adjusted to fit. I have been wearing Maevn’s Blossom scrubs for the last three and a half years now and will continue to buy them.”

Maevn’s EON line is also well loved by medical professionals for variety of color options and wide, comfy waistband of the popular pants style, Pure Yoga 7 Pocket Scrub Pants.

No matter what qualities you’re looking for in a pair of scrubs, this top scrubs for nurses list will help you find the best options to keep you comfortable, cool, and confident, even in the most hectic situations.

Is your favorite brand or style of scrubs not on the list? Share your pick and tell us why you love them in the comments below.

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  • Fading is a big deal when your washing your scrubs day in and day out. I don’t see that addressed here. I really like my infinity scrubs! They hold up, they are smooth, so they don’t get little cloth nit balls and don’t fade! I’ve had other’s fade really fast! And the little nit balls look unprofessional and in kept to me. Do you have any other suggestions of other brands?? I’d love some dependable variety??


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