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Top Five Scrubs for Nurses

Nurse wearing one of the top five scrubs for nurses

Scrubs. As a nurse you have to wear them, and when you work 12- to 15-hour shifts you want to be as comfortable as possible in your uniform. Whether you prefer lots of pockets, stretchy fabric, or are looking for comfortable plus-size scrubs, luckily you have many options to choose from. Here are our nurse-recommended picks for the top five scrubs for nurses.

1. Cherokee Workwear Scrubs

Cherokee scrubs

“I like Cherokee scrubs because they’re soft, comfortable, and fit well with room to comfortably bend over,” says cardiac nurse Louise Long. Pediatric nurse Ashley Radmall likes their affordability and comfort. “I like Cherokee Workwear because I don’t like to spend a ton on scrubs, and I will wear pretty much anything that is comfortable.” Cherokee scrubs offer a very professional look with plenty of pocket space. They have a broad array of exclusive designs, and are well known for their durability, softness, stretch, moisture wicking, and easy care. These scrubs also sport the Certainty antimicrobial fabric technology which inhibits the growth of microbes that cause odor and fabric damage.

2. FIGS YOLA Skinny Scrubs

Figs scrubs

Oncology nurse Whitney Stryker loves her FIGS: “They’re my favorite for sure! Even though they’re a bit pricier, my new set and my three-year-old set are still the same color. You can’t tell the difference, and they wash very well.” Verwellfit.com rated FIGS’ YOLA Skinny Scrub Pants the most stylish, calling them “a professional and stylish scrub that has great fit and durability.” For reviews from those who wear scrubs day in and day out, Nurse.org asked over 2 million nurses to rate their favorite scrubs, and FIGS were one of the highest rated. They’re known for their comfort, wrinkle-resistance, breathability, and sturdy pockets — something that’s critically important for the busiest of nurses.

3. WonderWink Origins Charlie Lady Fit Y-Neck Mock Wrap Top

WonderWink scrubs

WonderWink scrubs are very well-made and professional uniforms popular for their pocket space (including their signature WonderWink triple pocket), making it easier for busy nurses to stay organized.  One of WonderWink’s most highly-rated tops is the Origins Charlie Lady Fit Y-Neck Mock Wrap Top. Lisa Pett, a labor and delivery nurse, says, “These are my favorite! The material is lightweight, flexible, and durable. I’ve had some pairs that’ve lasted me over five years.” Home health and hospice nurse Dawn Quada also loves her WonderWink scrubs: “These are one of my favorites!”

4. Dickies GenFlex Youtility Scrubs

Dickies scrubs

Popular with both men and women, Dickies are made with a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex that looks good but also allows for a decent amount of stretch in key areas. Dickies are a favorite of pediatric nurse Justin Robbins: “Dickies scrubs are one of my favorites,” he says. They also offer a half-dozen fashionable colors and stitch detailing not found on other scrubs. Dickies was awarded the “Best in Pockets” for their Women’s GenFlex Cargo Scrubs by verywellfit.com.

5. Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Barco scrubs

Barco’s uniforms are among the best rated scrubs, blending style, comfort, and function. Their fabric is easy to care for and maintains its shape and color well. ICU nurses Chelsea Hoopes and Laura Clyde prefer Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy line. Made with Spandex Stretch, they offer high performance, functionality, and flexibility, making your 12-hour shift a little more comfortable.

Although these are a just a few of the highest-rated scrubs by both nurses and industry experts alike, it’s nice to know there are many options to choose from that can suit almost anyone, whether the preference is for comfort, style, durability, flexibility, fashion — or all of the above.

Is your favorite brand or style of scrubs not on the list? Share your pick and why you love them in the comments below.

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  • Fading is a big deal when your washing your scrubs day in and day out. I don’t see that addressed here. I really like my infinity scrubs! They hold up, they are smooth, so they don’t get little cloth nit balls and don’t fade! I’ve had other’s fade really fast! And the little nit balls look unprofessional and in kept to me. Do you have any other suggestions of other brands?? I’d love some dependable variety??