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Three Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

RNnetwork places hundreds of travel nurses in assignments around the country each year, and each one has a story to tell about what they like most about the career. Are you interested in travel nursing but want to hear from someone who’s taken an assignment before? We asked several of our travelers to talk about their favorite experiences and have shared them below.

Living in a different environment

Elizabeth Huxley is a travel nurse with RNnetworkElizabeth Huxley, who specializes in OB nursing, has worked with RNnetwork for more than four years and says she loved working at a medical center in New Mexico best.

She even accepted a five-month extension and still talks to some of the staff members at that facility to this day.

Elizabeth travels with her husband and takes assignments in areas that interest her so they can sightsee and travel in that area of the United States. She notes that she’s made lifelong friends through her travel nursing assignments.

“I get the opportunity to meet people from all over the country, learn cooking styles and adapt to different environments,” Elizabeth says.

“I also see parts of the country I normally would not be able to see and enjoy and take in all there is to offer in a location.”


Developing skills to become a better nurse

Brooke Tincher, RNBrooke Tincher says her first job as an ICU nurse opened her eyes to what the career required — but she continues to enjoy the challenges and rewards of nursing.

“You will feel emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. Then you have that patient who says, ‘I couldn’t have made it without you.’ A family member cries on your shoulder, thanking you for your kindness and for just being there,” Brooke recalls. “Those are the moments that make it all worth it. I never knew how much of my heart would go into nursing.”

Brooke says her recruter is very proactive, and she feels RNnetwork is supportive of its nurses and has lots of job options.

“Travel nursing has helped me grow my skills and gain confidence in myself as a nurse and a person,” she says.


Making a lifestyle change

Travel nurse Tina Stines and her husband, DougRegistered nurse Tina Stines and her husband, Doug, live on their sailboat, Pieridae, while she takes travel nurse assignments up and down the East Coast.

When Tina was in her junior year of nursing school and Doug was enrolled in sailing lessons, she realized she could make their dream of living on the water a reality.

“My recruiter has been very understanding of our special situation for each potential assignment and has worked with our needs every step of the way,” Tina says. “Doug has joined a sailboat racing team, and I have been able to race with them a few times. Our friends on my assignments and here on the dock have proven how much we will miss them each time we go.”

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