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10 ways RNnetwork is unlike any other staffing company

At RNnetwork, going to work each day is easy because we know that our work gets nurses to areas with nursing shortages, which means better care for patients. But working at RNnetwork is even more than that! RNnetwork is the top midsize workplace in Florida and that’s due to our culture. What makes RNnetwork truly unique is hard to put into words, but here are ten things you might not know about us.

1. RNnetwork is bigger than you think

RNnetwork team

Although we work hard to give you the individual care that only a boutique firm can give, RNnetwork is part of the CHG Healthcare group, which is one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the U.S. This means you get the best of both worlds — the dedicated and personalized care of a small company, paired with the resources of a big company. For example, RNnetwork has 200 employees, but nurses will always work with a personal recruiter, who just might become your close friend.

2. We’re 20 years old

We keep our office fresh and fun, but we’ve also got a history of success and learning lessons. We were hit just as hard by the 2008 recession as everyone else. We’ve negotiated a changing nursing landscape. Now we’re constantly working to meet the demand of the nursing shortage. Throughout this, we’ve also had lots of fun.

3. We have more than just recruiters to help you

RNnetwork Clinical Nursing Liaison Team

Our clinical nurse liaisons are people with nursing backgrounds who are here to help you. They understand the ups and downs of travel nursing. They can help navigate credentialing and nursing assessments, and even answer your tough clinical questions. They’re also a shoulder to cry on after a long day, and a cheerleader for accomplishments, just like your recruiters!

4. We’re going on an international medical mission

Every day, we pair nurses with the areas in the country that need them the most. But there’s opportunities to help outside of the U.S. as well. This year, we’re sending some of our nurses on a medical mission to take care of patients in Quito, Ecuador. It will be the adventure of a lifetime!

5. Our employees love to give back to the community

RNnetwork volunteers

Last year, RNnetwork employees volunteered more than 500 hours of their time to help local nonprofits. This included a day of “Random Acts of Kindness,” in which a recruitment team took donuts to firefighters, homeless people, and to people waiting at laundromats. Little things can go a long way, and there’s always room for more kindness. Our employees also went on volunteer trips to Ecuador, the Florida Keys, and the Navajo Nation. RNnetwork supports these efforts by offering employees eight hours of VTO (volunteer time off) so they can dedicate time to helping their community without worrying about missing work.

On top of that, RNnetwork employees raised $48,893 in 2018 for the United Way and other local charities during our annual “Making a Difference Week”!

6. We know how to throw a party

RNnetwork party

Our employees work hard, but they also know how to play hard. We throw parties for Making a Difference Week, for Employee Appreciation Week, whenever we win awards…basically, we’ll take any excuse to throw a party!

7. Thanksgiving is on us

Our employees are family, and what better way to be family than to celebrate Thanksgiving together? We not only host a dinner at our offices, each year, RNnetwork gives all 200+ employees a bottle of wine and a turkey, so they can enjoy dinner with their families at home, too.

8. Our office is actually really cool!

Our offices themselves keep the party going. We have an office cat, an alligator pond that yes, actually has an alligator, and graffiti on the walls to keep things colorful. We also have massages available once a week, a florist who brings in fresh flowers with the option to purchase flowers for our homes, fresh fruit delivery, and bagel Fridays, just to name a few. We want our people to walk in the office doors and feel like they’re at their second home.

9. We have a place to relax

Work can be stressful, and though parties are a fun way to ease long-term stress, sometimes you just need a breather. That’s why we have a fun room with a PlayStation, air hockey, pool table, Direct TV, music, and more. It’s a way for our employees to take a break and relax as well as connect with each other.

10. Our employees find their tribes

RNnetwork employees

Our Employee Network Groups are like high school clubs, but way better. These groups are ways for like-minded employees to get together to support each other and enjoy the hobbies they love. For example, our mommy group talks about motherhood and supports new mothers by answering questions. Our arts and crafts group creates things like vision boards together. There are groups for beer tasting, hiking, volunteering, and more. Employees name the interest, and RNnetwork either already has a group for it or the employee can start a new group.

Want to learn more about working with RNnetwork? Give us a call at 800.866.0407.

About the author

Kathleen Stone

Kathleen Stone is a writer for RNnetwork from Salt Lake City, Utah. In her spare time, she loves going to the desert, trying new foods and being with family.


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  • As a traveling nurse forRN Network, where’s our bottle of wine and turkey for Thanksgiving? We work extremely hard for your agency also but without all the perks described in this article. No game room, no parties, no massages, flowers offered once a week. Shame on y’all for not doing some of the same for all your hard working, dedicated nurses!

    • Hi, Joani. Thank you for sharing your comment. All of our nurses are an important part of our RNnetwork family, and we are so grateful for the work you do every day. I’ll have your recruiter reach out to you to discuss your concerns.


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