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National Nurses Week: Why I Love Being a Nurse

National Nurses Week begins May 6, 2016, and we’re excited to once again recognize the many who take travel nursing jobs with us all around the country each year. You provide care to thousands of patients and make a difference in the facilities where you work.

Check out why these travelers who recently attended our panel love being nurses.

Travel nurse Amanda Sweitzer“I see people at the worst times of their life because I work in the ER. Being able to talk them through what’s happening and see them be elated when you tell them that their tests came back great is amazing.”

“It’s not easy to break terrible news to people, but as a nurse, I feel like I can stay there with them at the bedside and reassure them.”

— Amanda Sweitzer

Princess_Conty“I love being a nurse because it’s wonderful to care for people and to make their days go by easier.

“I can lend a helping hand, show them compassion when they really need it and show them that they can get through anything as long as they have someone there with them.”

“I can be that light for patients who are in their darkest times.”

— Princess Conty

Becky_Ouelette“I can be a teacher. I can be a caregiver. There are so many roles that I can be to a person and hopefully make a difference and change in their life.

“When a patient appreciates the effort you are making to make things better for them, it’s worth it.”

“It’s about those little daily rewards, the thank yous and appreciation you get along the way.”

— Becky Ouellette

Jake_Shearer“It’s really great to be a nurse because I get to help people and make a difference in people’s lives every day.”

“I can advocate for people that normally wouldn’t have somebody advocate for them, someone that’s going through a rough time and feels like no one is on their side.”

“I get to be there for them.”

— Jake Shearer

Travel nurse Karen Leitnaker“I make a difference as a nurse because there are a lot of instances where somebody has been on the brink of death or would die if someone didn’t take care of them.”

“I have picked up on some of the signs and been able to bring it to the doctor’s attention.”

“I feel I do contribute to saving people’s lives.”

— Karen Leitnaker

Travel nurse Gabrielle Reed“I love being a nurse because I’m so proud to be a part of something and work with some amazing people. I’m excited to meet more wonderful friends along the way.”

“I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and feeling the way I feel as a nurse.”

“You have your ups and downs, but I feel like I do make a difference and I am helping people.”

— Gabrielle Reed

Mary Stewart, travel nurse“I’m an ICU nurse, so my job is to save people. It’s very difficult when you can’t.”

“But knowing I can help someone transition from this life and comfort their family and support them makes me very proud of what I do.”

“When I walk out the door, I know I made a difference.”

— Mary Stewart

Jason Conty, travel nurse“I love being a nurse because you are there when a person needs you most. Not everybody can be there for them.”

“Having the opportunity to share that, advocate for them, and be able to provide them comfort and establish their trust is incredible.”

“This chance to help people is very rewarding to me.”

— Jason Conty

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