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Making a Difference: Jenna Barrett Helps Those in Need in Kenya

Jenna BarrettWhen Jenna Barrett, a national account executive at RNnetwork, was a child, she knew she wanted to make a difference in the world. She helped those less fortunate in her area through church groups when she was young.

She traveled to Honduras in college to build a clinic in a poor community. And she taught English in Chile’s rural and inner-city communities for a semester as well.

“If I can make a positive difference in someone’s life — however big or small it may be — it will create a ripple effect and ultimately make our world a better place,” Jenna says. “What drives me is the idea that every small step will make a difference.”

Serving others at home

Jenna leads fitness classes at the RNnetwork for her colleagues to help them achieve their fitness goals. She also helped to organize a Habitat for Humanity project for her department.

Last year, she organized a bake sale at RNnetwork to raise money for 4KIDS, a foundation that helps find local orphans temporary homes and provides educational opportunities.

She also took a volunteer service trip to Trujillo, Peru, in 2015 to help community members build a better community and escape poverty.

“I pride myself on always trying to become a better version of myself,” Jenna says. “I think a huge part of that is giving back to those less fortunate.”

Embarking on an African adventure

Jenna and three others were named Difference Makers, an annual recognition award from parent company CHG Healthcare Services that honors employees who are passionately committed to helping others. They recently joined CEO Scott Beck on a company-paid 10-day humanitarian trip to Kenya, Africa.

The group helped build a community’s first boys’ high school, providing room and board for 25 boys when complete. They also went on a safari, carved congas for protection against lions, and learned about the community’s economy with local business people.

“The little things that don’t matter much to us matter so much to the people we are helping,” Jenna says. “It really puts things in perspective and reminds me to be thankful every day for everything and everyone I have in my life.”

Check out this video of Jenna and her colleagues serving others in Kenya below!

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